Monday, 6 November 2017

Need anymore proof that ANTIFA Anarchist are controlled paramilitary of the system? Video shows colabaration between state and ANTIFA.

Ever think, these ''rebellious'' Guy Fawkes masks that Anarchists like to wear, look gay? Ye, me too. 

Golden Dawn has always known that unwashed anarchists who parade around as ''rebels against the system'', are really just the system's puppets used to try and violently supress Nationalist and Popular movements, that the system government doesn't like.   If you forgot who the system is, we listed them in this post here.
Why does the system use these anarchist as pawns? Because if the government gets the police to violently supress a popular Nationalist movement that's peacefully protesting, they know these Nationalists will get sympathy from the population. So the unwashed anarchists do the dirty work for the system instead, where the media will than simply report it as, ''Far Left and Far Right clash''.  Some of these leftist groups or anarchist university groups will all of the sudden, get some huge money thrown their way by some (((Billionaires))) such as (((George Soros))), and than they're told to organise and hit the streets, as we've seen.

Than when anarchist's attack protestors that the system doesn't like, whether it be in Hellas, Australia or the USA., the government and media are silent and refuse to condemn it.    
When anarchists have attacked Golden Dawn, the government and media is silent in their condemnation.  But when Golden Dawn dare defend themselves against violent Anarchists, the media and government make it front page news blaming Golden Dawn. 

Another perfect example is in America.
Need anymore proof that ANTIFA Anarchists are controlled paramilitary of the system? The clip below shows collaboration between state and Anarchists.
As you can see in the clip, an anti-leftist guy is spat on by a grotesque unclassy communist whore. Than he is hit by what another anarchist.  Than the anti-Leftist guy in self defence, throws the anarchist who just hit him to the ground, humiliating that anarchist female/male/tranny, whatever it's meant to be.  Fair enough, right?
This all happens right infront of police.  Look at who the police arrest though...

That's right! The anti-leftist defending himself from anarchists assaulting him, is the one arrested, even though the incident happened right in front of police.
And these unwashed anarchist who present zero threat to the system, want to pretend that they are ''rebelling against the system''? Even though despite being protected by the government time and time again, and they're political views are exactly the same as the systems?  That being, Non-White immigration, illegal immigration, globalism, Anti-Nationalism, Anti-Religion, Pro-Feminism, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Abortion and Pro-Jewish. 

Also notice how despite the fact that anarchists pretend that they hate cops, and shouldn't exist, notice how these grotesque looking unwashed anarchists are cheering and applauding the police arresting the anti-leftist?  That's the standard.  Anarchists put on the act that they hate cops, and they shouldn't exist, but than run to police, when they need their help against the Right. 

ANTIFA Anarchist are against the system? Ye right. More like puppets pawns of the system. 

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  1. It seem that ANTIFA cannot stoop any lower, and then this happens.