Our Martyrs

Our nationalism is deeply embedded within our blood, embodying the eternal struggle to preserve our Hellenic race. The street battles against the illegal immigrants who occupy the slums of Athens are descendents of the same Asiatics who the Persians sent to attack us over 2,5000 years ago, at the shores of Thermopylae.  From Paleologus to Kolokotronis, and from Metaxas to Colonel Papadopoulos, our nationalism is the natural antidote which continuously evolves to protect the Greek nation from the Huns of our time. Many have paid the ultimate price as nationalists, and Golden Dawn honors the fallen who died while on duty to their fatherland.

Since the fall of the Junta, Greek Nationalists continue to shed their blood for our race, and we remember those, past and present, who paid the ultimate price for their beliefs & our people. Below is a short tribute to our most recent martyrs, lest we forget.

Giorgos Fountoulis & Manolis Kapelonis

In 2012, Golden Dawn shocked the system in National elections, entering Greek parliament for the first time in history. As their popularity continued to soar in the polls, the system began to rally against the nationalists, in an attempt to halt their rise to power.

The criminal Samaras regime, along with their paid media stooges, launched a massive smear campaign against Golden Dawn, accusing them of being a ‘criminal organisation’, leading to their leaderships unconstitutional arrest without trial. To date, there has never been a single shred of evidence to prove Golden Dawn was a ‘criminal organisation’, yet the trumped-up, false charges against the leadership were also used to disarm active party members, who were now stripped of any means to protect themselves. Legally owned and registered firearms for protection were confiscated by the authorities, along with other security gear.

During the height of tension, Golden Dawn requested the police to monitor vulnerable areas in the interests of public safety. For unknown reasons, the police did not attend their regular routine patrol on the 1st of November 2013. That very night, a cowardly Anarchist terrorist, wearing a helmet, got off a motorcycle outside a Golden Dawn office in Northern Athens, and fired at 3 Golden Dawn members within point blank range. The direct shots killed 2 of the men, Giorgos Fountoulis (27) & Manolis Kapelonis (22), while severely injuring Alexandros Gerondas, who was immediately rushed to the emergency room.

Fountoulis and Kapelonis were devout Hellenic nationalists, who put their lives on the line in order to protect the party they believed in. The criminal state which created the climate of terror for the anarchist thugs to operate in, are equally responsible for the murder, and not a single arrest has been made by the incompetent authorities.

The hit on Golden Dawn by the Samaras regime and their para-state anarchist thugs was an open attempt to terrorise the Nationalists. The unfortunate reality for the system was that the opposite proved to be true, with the Greeks rallying behind Golden Dawn who claimed nearly 10% of the vote in the following EU elections, electing Fountouli’s father as an official member of EU parliament.

On the 1st of November every year, Golden Dawn commemorates the fall of our 2 brothers, who continue to lead us beyond the grave. Their memory lives on, and their sacrifice will never be in vain.

Mikis Mantakas

Mikis Mantakas, born in Athens in 1952, was the son of Major Nikos Mantakas. When he was 18, Mikis traveled to Italy in order to study Medicine during the 1970s, and it was during this time he become associated with the Nationalists of Italy.  This period in Italy’s history was characterised by its militant Marxist terror groups, which included anarchists & communist criminals, who wreaked havoc on Italian society.

Behind this organised havoc was the PCI (Communist Party of Italy), led by Enrico Berlinguer, managing to achieve over 30% of the vote in Italian elections. The rise of the Marxists saw the massive strain on social and economic institutions, leading to strikes all over the country, mafia domination of prime industries, and violent street battles in the city of Rome.  The only power resisting the Marxist terror machine was the MSI (Italian Social Movement), both in parliament, and on the streets.

April 16, 1974, anarchists firebombed the house of the MSI Secretary, burning alive his two children, 23 year old Stefano & 8 year old Virgilio. The anarchist terrorists are soon arrested and when the trial begins, the police surround the courthouse while the communists are organized into strike teams. The leftist press, which included the newspaper "Unita" and "Autonomia Operaia", organize demonstrations and demand the release of the murderers with the slogan "Lollo libero" (Lollo was the nickname of the murderer).

Street brawls lasted many days, and on the 4th day of the trial, the MSI organises a demonstration against the government's tolerance for the violent anarchist thugs. The Marxists consider this a major provocation, and more street battles ensue. Shots are fired outside the court, which saw a citizen and journalist injured by a bullet & brick, respectively. That day, Mikis Mantakas was inside the courtroom, watching the trial with other members of the Social Movement. 

The trial stops at noon, and the nationalists are ordered to return to their party offices.The Marxists thugs reach the offices first in order try to evade the Nationalists. The corridor behind the entrance catches fire from petrol bombs which were hurled by the anarchists, so the comrades try to escape from a side exit. When the dishonorable anarchists spot them, they begin firing bullets at the unarmed nationalists.

One of the bullets hits Mikis in the head, but he isn't dead yet. While unconscious - the nationalists retrieve Miki’s body while under fire, and bring him inside the office while waiting for backup. The Police, of course, do nothing. Mikis now passes his last breath, and is pronounced dead soon after.

Mikis Mantakas was killed on the 28th of February, 1975, in cold blood on the streets of Rome. His crime - was protesting against the Marxists that burned alive the two children of an Italian nationalist politician. The Marxist murderers who burned alive the 2 children were Lollo, Clavo and Grillo. Lollo, after serving part of his sentence fled to Brazil, Grillo went to Nicaragua and Marino Clavo is still hiding... it is clear, that justice is yet to be served to the Nationalists.

Every year, Italians, in the company of Nationalists from all over Europe, gather on the 28th of February at "Mikis Mantakas Square", and in absolute silence, they announce the name of the fallen: Mikis Mantakas, Presente!

Solomos Solomou & Tassos Isaac

August 1996 marks the death of two proud Greek Cypriots, Tassos Isaac and Solomos Solomou, who were murdered by the illegal Turkish para-state and far right Turkish terrorist group known as the Grey Wolves.

The Cypriot Motorcycle Organisation, supported by the Holy Archbishop of Cyprus, in the company of hundreds of fellow Europeans bikers, organised a peaceful protest against the illegal Turkish occupation of Cyprus. Starting in Berlin, the protesters were to make their way to Kyrenia in Occupied Cyprus, and march in solidarity with Greek Cypriots.

The Turks, after several reports of human rights violations against protesters, threatened to open fire if Europeans proceeded with their planned march. In addition to the threats against protesters, the Turkish government transported approximately 2,500 members of the Turkish Grey Wolves to confront the Greeks and their European biker allies. These actions concerned the authorities of the Cypriot Republic, who pressured the protesters to cancel the event. Having traveled so far, many of the bikers and protesters made a decision to courageously continue their march and protest against the illegal occupation.

Crossing into the UN buffer zone, the occupational forces, using their Grey Wolf thugs, launched an attack against the peaceful demonstrators. Isolated from the other protesters, and trapped by barbed wire, a large mob of Grey Wolves set upon Tassos Isaac and attacked him with bats, crowbars and stones. The UN Peace keepers, along with the Turkish occupational police force simply stood by and watched Tassos Isaac while he was hopelessly outnumbered and murdered by Turkish savages.

Following the funeral of Tassos Isaac, many of the protesters decided to honor their fallen brother by placing wreaths and flowers at the site of his murder. The scene once again turned into a battlefield, and in addition to the Turkish Grey Wolves, the unarmed protesters were being targeted by the Turkish occupational forces. In an attempt to lower the Turkish flag in the UN buffer zone, Solomos Solomou, an un-armed protester, was fatally shot by Turkish snipers. Several other protesters were also injured by bullets shortly before the body of Solomos was recovered.

Despite the attackers been identified by the authorities, and international warrants being secured before the European Court of Human Rights against Turkey, none of the perpetrators have ever been arrested.
On the 10th of August every year, the Hellenic Nationalists of Golden Dawn and ELAM, pay their respect to Isaac and Solomos.

Christodoulos Karathanasis, Panagiotis Vlahakos & Ektoras Gialopsos

Imia is a small uninhabited island in Dodecanese region, which in the Paris Treaty of 1947, was rightfully ceded from the Italians to the Greeks, who have historically inhabited the Dodecanese since ancient times.Turkey has argued that the island (among other Greek territories) still belongs to them, despite the fact that the island was listed in the UN international maps under its Greek name, clearly within the Greek national boarders.

On Christmas day 1995, a Turkish cargo ship crashed on the Island of Imia. A salvage operation needed to be organised, with the Turkish state soon after declaring Imia as their own, and that the salvage operation would be organised by Ankara. The event was purposely hidden by the controlled media, and was not released to the public until the appointment of the new Greek government, headed by known traitor, Mr Kostas Simitis.

The Greek public, upon hearing of Turkey’s provocative claims, was outraged. Locals from the nearby islands responded with the mayor of Kalymnos and a priest raising the Greek flag on Imia. In retaliation, the Turkish state organised for the island to be secretly occupied and secured by Turkish commandos.  The Turkish press was then sent in to broadcast the taking down of the Greek flag, while raising the Turkish flag to humiliate the Greeks. Turkish warships moved towards the island in order undermine and intimidate Greece, while Ankara continued to lay claim to the island in a number of official statements.

3 Greek officers, from the Greek frigate Navarino, were assigned to a routine reconnaissance mission in a helicopter over the Imia area, an area Greece has routinely patrolled continuously since it was formerly ceded to the Hellenic Republic in 1947. The Turkish state, with no respect for the Greek sovereignty of the island, cowardly shot down the helicopter, killing the 3 Greek officers inside.

Immediately, the Greek military prepared to retaliate in defense of our boarders and our fallen comrades, however the treacherous PM Simitis received a call from Washington officials. Among the US officials was a Jewish International banker by the name of Richard Holbrooke, who was instrumental in persuading Simitis to stand down and cover up the event. The Simitis government, bowing down to the commands of Americans and Jews, went into damage control, trying to conceal Turkish aggression by claiming to the Greek public that the helicopter had simply ‘crashed’.

Golden Dawn has not forgotten the betrayal and cowardice of the Greek government over the Imia tragedy. On the 31st of January of every year, we remember the names of our fallen brothers who died at the hands of murderous Turks while on duty for their fatherland-

Christodoulos Karathanasis
Panagiotis Vlahakos
Ektoras Gialopsos


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