Thursday, 10 January 2019

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: Golden Dawn will vote against the Prespa agreement

Another dirty attack against Golden Dawn was launched by journalists favoured by the party of New Democracy. They wrote that Golden Dawn has second thoughts about voting against the Prespa agreement. 

Well, if there is a political party that will definitely vote against the Prespa agreement, that’s Golden Dawn.

Apart from the above, Golden Dawn is also the only political party which does not accept a  name for Skopje, which includes the term “Macedonia”. Which is Contrary to New Democracy.

Golden Dawn is the only political party that saluted the protests of Greek students for our Macedonia, contrary to ND that denounced them, and of course the left side that attempted to repress the students with thuggeries and counter-protests. 

This dirty propaganda will fail, since once again Golden Dawn will be proved to be the political party that supports more than anyone else the national ideals. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League - Golden Dawn

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Golden Dawn condemns the bomb attack against the television station SKAI

Golden Dawn condemns the bomb attack against the television station SKAI and every illegal action as well.
The excessive tolerance of the authorities towards the leftist terrorists leads to their insolence, from Molotov bombs to bomb and terror attacks.   

Golden Dawn - Press Office

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

No to the separation of the state and our Faith - Article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, in the national newspaper “Empros”

From the speech of N.G. Michaloliakos in the Parliament regarding the revision of the Constitution. 
“Now, we may move on to the proposal of revision by SYRIZA. I shall point out few articles. Regarding article 3, they state that “we propose the recast and the modernization of article 3, in order to ensure the religious neutrality of the state, while we acknowledge, for historic and factual reasons, the domination of the Christian Orthodox doctrine in the Country”. SYRIZA, being the offspring of PASOK, attempts with neologisms to turn the lie into reality. What is the meaning of “religious neutrality”? There is no such term in any dictionary! They are inventors!

So, the members of SYRIZA claim that they attempt with this proposal to reduce the article 3 from one paragraph into one phrase: “Greek State is religiously neutral while the Orthodox doctrine is the dominant in the Country”. This is not a simple revision. This revision constitutes the abolishment of the meaning of the foundation of the Greek State during the first National Assembly of Greece, in the name of the Holy Triad.

You are not Robespierre, Mara or Danton, you never made a revolution. What makes you think that this issue concerns only the members of the parliament? Also, the article 3 is followed by an interpretation, according to which the term “dominant religion” does not imply to “official religion”. Really, the Orthodox religion is not the official religion of the State? The state was founded on this religion.

In fact, if you seek to know the public opinion, according to a recent research of an American company called “Pew Research Center”, which was published recently, at the 27th of October, 92% of Greeks believe in God. In addition, 76% of Greeks believe that only Christian Greeks can be true Greeks. Are all these racists, nationalists, members of Golden Dawn?

Also, in the context of the revision of article 3 the religious vow is abolished, while the political vow is imposed to everyone. These actions are radically opposed to the volition of Greek People. Well, General Makrygiannis has the right response to you: “Now, there are few new Greeks, offspring of the Judaism, who want to erase our Faith, our Orthodox Faith, because Orthodoxy is incompatible with the West. And I cried for these new hardships and I refuged to the Saints of our Faith and I asked them if they watch this situation and I begged them to protect the Greeks from these atheist tyrants”. 

The separation of State and Church is absurd in Greece, yet you, the last relics of Marxism attempt to break these bonds, to separate the Greek Nation from the Orthodox religion!”

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Golden Dawn: “We will fight the plans for the creation of an atheist state by Tsipras and Mitsotakis”

On this occasion of Tsipras’ actions for the separation of the State-Church, supported by Mitsotakis, the representative of Golden Dawn made the following statement:
"The attempt to create an atheist state is in stark contrast to the spirit of the Fighters of 1821, who created the Greek State.
The Tsipras’ plans, which in cooperation with Mitsotakis, want to separate the Orthodox Faith from the Greek nation, will not pass!".

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

“Greeks by the right of blood, not the right of soil” according to 75% of Greek Population! An article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Is a Bengal Tiger from India, born and kept in a zoo in Siberia, a Siberian Tiger all of the sudden?  Didn't think so.

Article by the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, in the national newspaper “Forward” (“Empros”)

Greece resists, Greeks battle against the last attack of the so called “enlightenment”, the Globalization, the aspiring to destroy the Nations and the Homelands, the Religion and the Faith, and the Morals of People.

All these according to the research of an American company of political enquiries, the “Pew Research Center”. This research took place during the period 2015-2017 among 56.000 citizens of 34 states of Europe and was published on Monday the 29th of October of 2018. Naturally, this researched was not presented by any small or big television station, since the results, regarding Greece, literally crush a long and quite expensive propaganda, whose main cause was the conversion of Greeks into “cosmopolitans” without national origin, religion, family or pride for the superiority of Greek civilization.

This “antiracist” propaganda is not a “phenomenon” of the last few years, the years of the left governance, but is a phenomenon of the past decades. Loads of massive propaganda at the television stations, newspapers, radio stations, Universities and schools attempted to turn Greeks into citizens of a multicultural society. Well, they utterly failed. For instance, in the question whether there is God or not, Greeks answer YES, in a state where the governors declare to be atheists.

This research indicates that the relics of Marxism constitute a dreary minority among Greeks. However, while in Greece the trend of atheism is almost non-existent, in other “civilized” and “progressive” countries this trend is more than existent. For example in Sweden only 36% of people claim to believe in God.

Another question of this political research that reveals the zero results of the antinational propaganda of Marxists and liberals concerns the superiority of Greek civilization. Well, Greeks in an overwhelming rate of 89%, answer that the Greek civilization is the supreme civilization of humanity! In the meantime, in the schools and the Universities of this country our youth is forced to believe that all the civilizations are equal. 

The millions of Soros have proved to be a total waste, Greeks still resist. Another significant fact concerns the religious views of Greeks, since 76% of Greeks believe that true Greeks are only Christian Greeks. This answer crashes the propaganda and even more the legislations of the Marxists and liberals in this country. Also, only 31% of Greeks would accept in their family a muslim… Regarding the “pact of same-sex cohabitation”, 70% of Greeks are opposed, while 52% of Greeks supports the criminalization of abortions. Sadly these rates can be found only in Greece among the states of Europe. The only exception lies to the people of Eastern Europe (Russians etc.), who also resist to the propaganda of Globalization.

The last but most important result of this research is the fact that 74% of Greeks believe that origin-blood and nationality are identical concepts. When the Comrades of Golden Dawn insist that we are “Greeks by the right of blood, not the right of soil”, they express the will of the vast majority of Greeks.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: No compromises for our Macedonia!

Excerpt from the interview of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn at Radio-Pieria, as published in the newspaper “Golden Dawn”

“First of all, since I talk to a radio station at Pieria, in Macedonia, I have to say that is beyond unhistorical the opinion that Skopje should be called “Macedonia”. In fact Macedonia was an area around Pieria, along with Dion. Then this area expanded towards the North, in the south part of Skopje, during the hegemony of Philip II and Alexander the Great. So, regarding the argument that the area of Skopje is geographically identified as the area of the ancient Macedonia is completely stale. Then, the issue of ethnicity is absolutely ridiculous, since there is no “Macedonian nationality”! Macedonians were Greeks, they participated in the Olympic Games, they originated from Dorians and had no relation with the Slavs that inhabit Skopje. 

They also use as an argument a phrase of Alexander the Great “We will speak in Macedonian”. He meant the Macedonian dialect. Even today, Greek language has many different dialects, the Aeolian, the Doric, the Macedonian dialect. All of them are part of a single language, the Greek one.  So, language, name and ethnicity are all Greek, so no government is qualified to sold all these at Skopje.

At this point, I do not only refer to the horrendous Prespa agreement, but also to the coward and treacherous stance of New Democracy that is not bothered about the name of Macedonia. I was present when they presented in the Greek Parliament the motion of censure, where there was not any reference about the name of Macedonia”.

An answer regarding the “far-right horror”- Article of Nikolaos Michaloliakos

At Saturday October 13 of 2018, Golden Dawn organized an event for the five years since the beginning of the political conspiracy for the elimination of our Movement. Their failure is proven by the presence in that event of hundreds Nationalists, proud men and women who keep following GOLDEN DAWN. Of course, this successful event did not take place in the hall of hotel, simply because all the hotels in Athens are afraid to host any event of GOLDEN DAWN! This is their failed “democracy”.

We honored the consistency, the pride and the spirit of those who remained loyal to their Ideals, even when they ended in prison. A day before these events, Tsipras had stated in his parliamentary group that he will fight Nationalism in Greece and Europe:
“In the down of a new era, SYRIZA will become the barrier against the far-right horror and the social cannibalism. This far-right horror justifies the programs against the refugees and the immigrants and hates against everything unfamiliar or different. So, we have to make our ideas a shield towards the growing far-right movement throughout Europe.”
Through our website, I properly answered to these statements of Tsipras:

“The Prime Minister of the Country and chairman of SYRIZA remains loyal to the inhuman doctrine of Bolshevism. What he calls as "far-right horror" is in fact the political earthquake that will shake the whole Europe in the upcoming European elections and will show the way to the Nations of our continent for the fight against the tyranny of globalization, in order to take our homelands back! The "far-right horror" according to Alexis Tsipras is in reality the last hope of the Nations against the global tyranny.”

SYRIZA aspires to dominate ideologically, while in reality this political relic remains in existence due to the country’s deeply corrupted political establishment. Regarding the “far-right horror”, we do not understand what he means. Maybe he talks about the Nations and the Peoples of Europe who have finally awaken and resist to the propaganda and the horror of globalization?  Because the human society of 2018 is indeed horrendous, with the domination of immorality, the decay of civilization and the wars in every corner of this planet. 
All these is the fault of the “far-right horror” or maybe is the result of the dirty money of the liberals and the bolshevists? 

Nikolaos Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association - Golden Dawn

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Church services to be held in respect for Giorgos & Manos

Golden Dawn Australia will be paying their respects to Giorgos & Manos, 2 brave men who where assassinated for their political ideas by a tyrannical regime and their lackeys. Nearly 5 years have passed & the authorities continue to stall any meaningful investigation into the murder of these 2 young men.

Please contact us via the number if you wish to join our comrades in Sydney and Melbourne for the service.

XA Australia

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

“As long as there are people believing in an Idea, this Idea will never die!” Article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

In a past interview, among the few interviews I had the chance to express the political views of Golden Dawn, when I was asked about the major problem of our country, I answered with no hesitation that the most crucial problem is the demographic issue. Greece has no future, Greece has no children, yet the children constitute the future of our people. Not many years ago, in the streets and the squares of Athens you could hear children voices, in Athens and Thessalonica. Well, now these voices are way fewer. In schools, the foreigners are the majority. 
With no mention in the television channels, the inquiry of ELSTAT was recently published, regarding the demographic data of our country. In 2017 the births at Greece were reduced by 4, at 8%, while the deaths increased by 4, at 8%! 
Greece is dying and according to the estimations of ELSTAT, in 2050 our population will probably be decreased by 5 million! Set aside the fact that a major part of Greek population will be elders, older than 65 years old.       
  It is not the crisis, is the deterioration of the Family Institution

The easy solution is to blame the memoranda and the economic crisis. However, the demographic crisis began at the 70s, when the national economy was on rise, however the moral decay was the start…Along with a “better” life, filled with materialistic goods, came the decay of ethics and morals, that led to the deterioration of the institution of family. Only with a national and moral renaissance our Nation will demographically bloom again! 
The demographic factor is extremely important regarding the balance of power between the states. We should not forget that opposite of the Aegean Sea, in Turkey, people become more and more and their youth is more rigorous than ever. I will present to you the dramatic information regarding the populations of Greece, Turkey and Albania.
“THEORY OF WAR”, Athens 1996, Panagiotis Kondylis: “Shortly after the installation of Greece and Turkey in their current borders and after the exchange of population, Greece had 6,200,000 residents (1928) and Turkey 13,600,000 residents (1927). At 2020 the population of Turkey will probably reach the 100,000,000, while Greece will have turned into a country of elders. Also on another side, the Albanian population at Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro will probably reach the population of Greece”.  

The Nation is in danger 

Turkey threatens our state with war and the balance of powers has changed, since the last government of our country have reduced at a big rate our Armed Forces. However, even worse that a war against Turkey, is the submission of Greece to Turkey without even a fight. Turkey constantly upgrades the Armed Forces, as I recently stated in my interview at the newspaper “Empros”:
“Greece will be in a tragic state, if Turkey obtains the rockets S-400. Our defense in the east borders will be in danger, so Greece should proceed to the reinforcement of our Armed Forces in the east. I have the opinion that Erdogan plays games in order to gain the maximum profits form USA, while unfortunately, the political and economic establishment of Greece gives everything and takes nothing.”
Regarding the supply of the systems S-400 from Russia to Turkey, there is a crucial matter concerning the relations between Ankara-Moscow. If Turkey succeeds to create a real alliance with Russia, then the position of Greece will be extremely dangerous. From the side of the Greek SYRIZA-ANEL government, there is a complete anti-Russian policy, that pushes Ankara in the heart of Russia! If Turkey separates the ties with USA, then there will be no restraints for the domination over the Aegean Sea, the Cyprus and Thrace! Even the most ignorant people in this country understand that Washington will not jeopardize a war against Turkey and Russia for the sake of Greece. 

The Great Idea lives within 

The geopolitical situation in our Homeland is extremely grave and this is the reason that the belief of Golden Dawn to the Great Idea seems delusional! However, wasn’t extremely delusional the idea of the revolution of Greeks against the Ottomans 400 years ago, in order to be free and a make a true National State? In a recent interview regarding the Great Idea I stated the above and with these words I shall end this article: 
“Of course I do believe in the Great Idea. Ideas cannot die after a defeat, even a grave defeat. Even if the current geopolitical situation does not favor the implementation of the Great Idea that does not mean we should stop believing in it. I remind that in 1800 Greece was enslaved and after only 100 years, at 1920, Greek Army had invaded in Minor Asia, eager to fulfil the Great Idea! 
As long as there are people believing in an Idea, this Idea will never die!”                      

Nikolaos Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn