Monday, 25 March 2019

Syriza's George Varemenos gets greeted by Hellenic patriots in Melbourne at a ''Greek'' function.

About 30 everyday Pro-Hellenic Hellenes in Melbourne aswell as Golden Dawn supporters, were at the Malvern Town Hall in Melbourne, to greet Syriza politician, George Varemenos, at a ''Greek'' function.       
This was a good turn out, considering most people had found out about the function at the very last minute.                                                                                    
George Varemenos, is part of the Syriza party, that quiet literally made it into government off the promise that they'd rip up the memorandum loan deal and not pay back these corrupt loans taken out by previous governments - Only to come in power and literally agree to pay them off.

Than to top it off, Syriza held a referendum whether to scrap the memorandum loan deal, which 61% of Hellenes voted to scrap it - Only to than decide the referendum didn't matter anymore and sign the agreements anyway, and obey their globalist and banking masters. 

Than if they felt they hadn't showed their treason enough to the people, Syriza decided to give the name Macedonia to Skopia, and let them call their language and people, ''Macedonian''.

Well George Varemenos thought he could just waltz into Melbourne and celebrate the 1821 independance day with diaspora Hellenes for his own Public Relations image, as the Hellenes in Hellas already dislike him and his party, and thought he may get a more favourable reception in Australia.  Bzzz, Wrong.
Hellenes were on hand to show this traitor their disapproval, and that he was not wanted here either.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Typical hypocrite leftists, OPENLY call for violence against people with Right wing opinions

This anarchist page despite having the audacity to regularly call Golden Dawn ''violent'', regularly condones political leftist violence itself.

After the Christchurch attacks, which we condemn, the hypocrite leftists and Moslems came out to attack anyone with a Right Wing view, or simply anyone that wasn't pro flooding Western countries with Moslems, as being responsible for the Christchurch attacks, through their opinions.  This is despite as we've seen, statistically over 75% of all deaths world wide as a result of terrorism, are at the hands of political Leftists and especially Moslems. 

After Australian Senator, Fraser Anning had an opinion they didn't like, some castrated soy boy (who wanted to stick up for Moslems, despite Moslems would never stick up for him in return) got violent, and decided to attack a 70 year old Mr Anning, by egging him.  The kid than got humiliated by being slapped by Mr Anning, and than taken down by Anning's supporters until police came.  Despite the kid being slapped and taken down, leftists somehow considered this a victory? lol 

Anyways... The leftists on social media like they always have, showed their true selves as usual, by condoning this attack on Fraser Anning, despite criticizing political violence only a bit earlier....

Centre left, and far leftists openly calling for violence, against people with ''Nazi'' views.  Remember, even those who support Trump, they call ''Nazis''.   
Also Twitter itself supports political violence, as it leaves the hash tag in full view, and won't take it down.

Can you imagine if a mass of Far Right people were openly calling for violence over social media, against people they disagreed with?  The fake news media, Police and Leftists would be screeching for mass bannings.  Twitter and (((Faceberg))) would ban anyone with a Right Win opinion they don't like, just like they already have.
But despite these Anti-Golden Dawn pages, and centre leftists often calling for violence against people they disagree with, don't expect (((Faceberg))) or twitter, to ban anyone, let alone the ASIO to declare these anarchists groups, as terrorists groups, despite them often calling for violent acts, openly over social media.  Remember, the police and globalist governments, are openly backing these leftist terrorists, and using them as pawns against those who are anti-Globalist.  One of many, many examples of that, can be seen here and here.

Of course to make things worse, police decided to not even charge the brat who egged Fraser Anning.  And laughably, liberals and anarchists were calling for Mr Anning to be charged for slapping the violent leftist - Which simply translates to:  Liberals and Far Leftists want to commit violence against people that they don't agree with, without the fear of any consequences or retaliation.
Sorry, but real life doesn't work like that.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Only one party does not owe a single euro! Article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

In response to New Democracy and PASOK, SYRIZA's paid editorialists published whole lists with loans to political figures, some of which exceed one million euros while others amount to several hundred thousand euros. All these loans are characterized as “red”, and if the systemic media broke the conspiracy of silence, they would also publish the debts of the big-league journalists, which are also “red”, and they rival those of the politicians...

But is it only about the loans of the political figures? What about the party loans? I quote the following from a relevant news report: “Within a decade (2000-2011), four parties received loans totaling 272 million euros, without presenting any actual collateral: N.D.: 106,431,000 euros from the Agricultural Bank of Greece. PASOK: 92.292.000 euros from the Agricultural Bank of Greece. The Greek Communist Party (KKE): 10,977,000 euros from the National Bank, Attica Bank, and Marfin Bank. The Coalition Party: € 8,277,000 mainly from the National Bank”.

The above report is incomplete, because only New Democracy and PASOK have received loans approaching two hundred million euros, and it is estimated that it will take more than 300 years to pay them back! However, the left does not have any “moral advantage” since they also owe a lot of money, not to mention the sale of the TV station 902 to an “offshore” company by the Greek Communist Party (KKE).

There’s only one party that does not owe a single euro, and that is GOLDEN DAWN!

There’s only one party that does not owe a single euro, and that is GOLDEN DAWN! But all the other parties that owe money, agreed in 2013 to vote a law in order to stop the funding of the only party that doesn’t owe anything… However, the Greek People is aware of that, therefore, in the newspaper Parapolitica, on Saturday, February 23rd 2019, there was an article by the journalist Menelaos Tassiopoulos on cross-assessment opinion polls by foreign embassies, which stated: 
“Even though the reports do not include Greece in the countries of the “Euro-skeptic core”, it is highly likely that the far-right expression of Golden Dawn will achieve high percentages (8% -11%), holding the third place in the number of seats in the next Parliament”.

Polakis’ (SYRIZA Minister) Loan, Political Loans, Party Loans and Scandals! There are scandals everywhere ... for which, of course, GOLDEN DAWN is not to blame. Instead of giving our own answer, we quote the following:

NEWSPAPER KATHIMERINI: “The talk about the scandals does not help politics, economy, or the scandals. It only helps Golden Dawn”, said the Minister of Finance, Euclid Tsakalotos. The minister, during an interview, stated that he is against the Special Courts mentioned by the opposition, and against the criminalization, as it only helps Golden Dawn”.

Nikolaos Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League – Golden Dawn

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: Today is the Good Friday for the Nation of Greeks!

The Secretary-General of People’s League-Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos made the following statement in the Greek Parliament following the validation of the treacherous Prespa agreement.

“Today is the Good Friday for the Nation of Greeks. The death knell sweeps through the entire Country.
Specific politicians sold the blood of Pavlos Melas and the rest of the Heroes who sacrificed themselves for our Macedonia.
They should better know that this voting is nothing in the course of History and another government shall denounce and abolish it.”

As many already know, Greek parliament, has just voted through the Prespa agreement, meaning Skopia will now be officially recognised by the ''Greek'' government as ''North Macedonia'', handing over our name.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: Golden Dawn will vote against the Prespa agreement

Another dirty attack against Golden Dawn was launched by journalists favoured by the party of New Democracy. They wrote that Golden Dawn has second thoughts about voting against the Prespa agreement. 

Well, if there is a political party that will definitely vote against the Prespa agreement, that’s Golden Dawn.

Apart from the above, Golden Dawn is also the only political party which does not accept a  name for Skopje, which includes the term “Macedonia”. Which is Contrary to New Democracy.

Golden Dawn is the only political party that saluted the protests of Greek students for our Macedonia, contrary to ND that denounced them, and of course the left side that attempted to repress the students with thuggeries and counter-protests. 

This dirty propaganda will fail, since once again Golden Dawn will be proved to be the political party that supports more than anyone else the national ideals. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League - Golden Dawn

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Golden Dawn condemns the bomb attack against the television station SKAI

Golden Dawn condemns the bomb attack against the television station SKAI and every illegal action as well.
The excessive tolerance of the authorities towards the leftist terrorists leads to their insolence, from Molotov bombs to bomb and terror attacks.   

Golden Dawn - Press Office

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

No to the separation of the state and our Faith - Article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, in the national newspaper “Empros”

From the speech of N.G. Michaloliakos in the Parliament regarding the revision of the Constitution. 
“Now, we may move on to the proposal of revision by SYRIZA. I shall point out few articles. Regarding article 3, they state that “we propose the recast and the modernization of article 3, in order to ensure the religious neutrality of the state, while we acknowledge, for historic and factual reasons, the domination of the Christian Orthodox doctrine in the Country”. SYRIZA, being the offspring of PASOK, attempts with neologisms to turn the lie into reality. What is the meaning of “religious neutrality”? There is no such term in any dictionary! They are inventors!

So, the members of SYRIZA claim that they attempt with this proposal to reduce the article 3 from one paragraph into one phrase: “Greek State is religiously neutral while the Orthodox doctrine is the dominant in the Country”. This is not a simple revision. This revision constitutes the abolishment of the meaning of the foundation of the Greek State during the first National Assembly of Greece, in the name of the Holy Triad.

You are not Robespierre, Mara or Danton, you never made a revolution. What makes you think that this issue concerns only the members of the parliament? Also, the article 3 is followed by an interpretation, according to which the term “dominant religion” does not imply to “official religion”. Really, the Orthodox religion is not the official religion of the State? The state was founded on this religion.

In fact, if you seek to know the public opinion, according to a recent research of an American company called “Pew Research Center”, which was published recently, at the 27th of October, 92% of Greeks believe in God. In addition, 76% of Greeks believe that only Christian Greeks can be true Greeks. Are all these racists, nationalists, members of Golden Dawn?

Also, in the context of the revision of article 3 the religious vow is abolished, while the political vow is imposed to everyone. These actions are radically opposed to the volition of Greek People. Well, General Makrygiannis has the right response to you: “Now, there are few new Greeks, offspring of the Judaism, who want to erase our Faith, our Orthodox Faith, because Orthodoxy is incompatible with the West. And I cried for these new hardships and I refuged to the Saints of our Faith and I asked them if they watch this situation and I begged them to protect the Greeks from these atheist tyrants”. 

The separation of State and Church is absurd in Greece, yet you, the last relics of Marxism attempt to break these bonds, to separate the Greek Nation from the Orthodox religion!”

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Golden Dawn: “We will fight the plans for the creation of an atheist state by Tsipras and Mitsotakis”

On this occasion of Tsipras’ actions for the separation of the State-Church, supported by Mitsotakis, the representative of Golden Dawn made the following statement:
"The attempt to create an atheist state is in stark contrast to the spirit of the Fighters of 1821, who created the Greek State.
The Tsipras’ plans, which in cooperation with Mitsotakis, want to separate the Orthodox Faith from the Greek nation, will not pass!".

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

“Greeks by the right of blood, not the right of soil” according to 75% of Greek Population! An article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Is a Bengal Tiger from India, born and kept in a zoo in Siberia, a Siberian Tiger all of the sudden?  Didn't think so.

Article by the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, in the national newspaper “Forward” (“Empros”)

Greece resists, Greeks battle against the last attack of the so called “enlightenment”, the Globalization, the aspiring to destroy the Nations and the Homelands, the Religion and the Faith, and the Morals of People.

All these according to the research of an American company of political enquiries, the “Pew Research Center”. This research took place during the period 2015-2017 among 56.000 citizens of 34 states of Europe and was published on Monday the 29th of October of 2018. Naturally, this researched was not presented by any small or big television station, since the results, regarding Greece, literally crush a long and quite expensive propaganda, whose main cause was the conversion of Greeks into “cosmopolitans” without national origin, religion, family or pride for the superiority of Greek civilization.

This “antiracist” propaganda is not a “phenomenon” of the last few years, the years of the left governance, but is a phenomenon of the past decades. Loads of massive propaganda at the television stations, newspapers, radio stations, Universities and schools attempted to turn Greeks into citizens of a multicultural society. Well, they utterly failed. For instance, in the question whether there is God or not, Greeks answer YES, in a state where the governors declare to be atheists.

This research indicates that the relics of Marxism constitute a dreary minority among Greeks. However, while in Greece the trend of atheism is almost non-existent, in other “civilized” and “progressive” countries this trend is more than existent. For example in Sweden only 36% of people claim to believe in God.

Another question of this political research that reveals the zero results of the antinational propaganda of Marxists and liberals concerns the superiority of Greek civilization. Well, Greeks in an overwhelming rate of 89%, answer that the Greek civilization is the supreme civilization of humanity! In the meantime, in the schools and the Universities of this country our youth is forced to believe that all the civilizations are equal. 

The millions of Soros have proved to be a total waste, Greeks still resist. Another significant fact concerns the religious views of Greeks, since 76% of Greeks believe that true Greeks are only Christian Greeks. This answer crashes the propaganda and even more the legislations of the Marxists and liberals in this country. Also, only 31% of Greeks would accept in their family a muslim… Regarding the “pact of same-sex cohabitation”, 70% of Greeks are opposed, while 52% of Greeks supports the criminalization of abortions. Sadly these rates can be found only in Greece among the states of Europe. The only exception lies to the people of Eastern Europe (Russians etc.), who also resist to the propaganda of Globalization.

The last but most important result of this research is the fact that 74% of Greeks believe that origin-blood and nationality are identical concepts. When the Comrades of Golden Dawn insist that we are “Greeks by the right of blood, not the right of soil”, they express the will of the vast majority of Greeks.