Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the purpose of Golden Dawn in Australia?

The purpose of Golden Dawn Australia is to:
  • Provide relief to impoverished Greeks in need through aid, such as food & clothing appeals.
  • Raise awareness in Australia about the situation in Greece.
  • Stand in solidarity with Golden Dawn and to show support for those who are fighting for our people.
You can find a much more comprehensive answer on this page here.

  1. The media has accused you of being a criminal organisation, are you some sort of gang?

We are Hellenic Nationalists, and currently the 3rd largest political party in Greece. We are not a gang or a criminal organisation of any sort and never have been. Golden Dawn are patriots fighting for the sovereignty of the Greek people through the legal parliamentary system, as protected by the constitution.
The ‘criminal organisation’ slander is a false accusation made up by the ruling establishment to destroy Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn would get less than 1% of the vote for much of the 1990s/2000s, but in 2012, Golden Dawn shocked the system by getting 7% of the vote, officially becoming the 3rd largest political party in the country.
Although many parties lost voters to Golden Dawn, Samara’s ruling New Democracy party saw the biggest exodus of its supporter base to Golden Dawn. With many of its patriotic and conservative voters siding with Golden Dawn, New Democracy was unable to gain a lead against the main opposition party, Syriza, and forced into a coalition with leftist parties PASOK & Democratic left.
So instead of challenging Golden Dawn the democratic way through elections, in September 2013, Samaras decided to throw the Nationalists in gaol on trumped up charges, accusing them of being a ‘criminal organisation’. Using their influence over the judiciary system and media, the establishment unleashed an all-out assault on Golden Dawn in an attempt to destroy them.

Kasidiaris being taken away by masked thugs during the political persecution of Golden Dawn.
Many of the accusations thrown at Golden Dawn have so far proven to be false. These include Golden Dawn’s supposed secret ‘militia’, ‘weapon stash’, ‘funds from illegal activities’, which simply do not exist outside the imaginations of the ruling elite, entirely disproving the ‘criminal organisation’ accusation. Golden Dawn MPs have been held in gaol for over a year without trial because the system knows it has nothing on them.
The criminal charges against Golden Dawn are not holding, and in a shocking confession by Samara’s former chief adviser, we can see that the arrests where simply orders from above in an attempt to destroy the rising power of Golden Dawn.

  1. Given the recent crackdown and the leadership behind bars, is Golden Dawn finished?

Quite the opposite - for those that saw the Baltakos confession video, Samaras predicted that Golden Dawn’s popularity would plummet down to 2% after the arrests and media assault.
Reality proved Samaras to be very wrong, as many months after the arrests, Greece began nationwide elections for the EU Parliament as well as local municipal elections in May 2014. Despite its leader behind bars, and all parliamentary funds suspended, Golden Dawn emerged stronger than in the 2012 National Elections. With roughly 10% of the nationwide vote, Golden Dawn saw almost 1/3rd of an increase in its support from 2012, and in municipal elections, Kasidiaris tripled Golden Dawn’s voter base in the city of Athens from the previous local elections.
The system has thrown everything it has at Golden Dawn, and the Nationalists have only come out stronger. The case against Golden Dawn is slowly crumbling, and the Nationalists will continue to rise.
Despite the political persecution of Golden Dawn, they still remain the 3rd largest party in Greece. In this poll, taken in September 2014, 1 year after the crackdown began, Golden Dawn were found to be National opposition

  1. I am a supporter of Golden Dawn and live outside of Greece. How can I become involved with Golden Dawn?

Golden Dawn has supporters in many countries and holds regular meetings in a number of cities. For those in North America, please contact xaameriki@yahoo.com to be put in contact with supporters in New York, Montreal and Toronto.
For those in Australia, please refer to our contact us page for more information on regular meetings that are held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart and Adelaide.
We encourage all other supporters outside of Greece to assist Golden Dawn with their charity work in helping impoverished Greeks in need. With the financial crisis still crippling the average Greek family, and the NGOs preferring to cater towards immigrants and other minorities, Golden Dawn continues to stand in solidarity with real Greeks.
All parliamentary funds to Golden Dawn have been unconstitutionally ceased by the Greek state. Golden Dawn MPs prior to this would sacrifice the majority of their parliamentary incomes to assist with food appeals, and now rely on donations from supporters. To make a donation, please refer to the main Golden Dawn website or our Donations section for more details.

  1. Are Golden Dawn ‘Fascists’ or ‘Nazis’?

No, Golden Dawn are Greek Nationalists, we fight only for the Greek people. Our political forefathers of the August 4th regime were Greek Nationalists, who shared our Nationalistic ideology and fought the ‘Nazis’ and ‘Fascists’ in WW2. Our Greek Nationalist ideology is based on ancient Hellenic values and principles which pre-date the ‘Nazis’ and ‘Fascists’ by thousands of years.
In this day and age, ‘Nazi’ is a slander used to discredit any European who stands in the way of big corporations and their plans to destroy our borders & nations through globalisation.
If you oppose the millions of illegal immigrants that invade Europe to serve as cheap labour for big businesses at the expense of your own people, you are labelled a ‘Nazi’.
If you are proud of your culture, and oppose the Americanisation & destruction of your traditions, you are labelled a ‘Nazi’.
If you believe Greece should remain Greek, you are labelled a ‘Nazi’.
Unlike what the media would have you believe, Golden Dawn is not fighting for Adolf Hitler or 1930s Germany. We are fighting for the Greek people, and only the Greek people. In our ideology, the Greek people come first, not the banks, not the ‘refugees’, and not the utterly chaotic bureaucracy known as the European Union. For this reason, the media label us and all other Nationalist organisations as ‘Nazis’.

  1. If you are not Nazis, then why are there so many similarities? Why do you do the Hitler salute, and why does your flag look like a swastika?

The Ancient Greeks built impressive city states and civilisations that heavily inspired many ideologies of the 19th & 20th century. We are inspired by the beliefs and spirit of our ancestors, and have every right to re-introduce our Hellenistic ideas to modern Greece which has been corrupted by capitalism and liberalism. When the media likes to draw similarities between our ideologies, they neglect to mention that it was the ‘Fascists’ and ‘Nazis’ who were hellenophiles & borrowed their ideas from Hellenism, not the other way around.

Hitler was a great admirer of Greek civilisation, and was inspired heavily by Sparta, a city he considered the first Volkisch state
Specifically, the media likes to draw attention to the so called ‘Hitler salute’. The truth is that Hitler borrowed the salute from the Italians, who in turn where inspired by the ancients who used this salute throughout Greek-Roman history.

Greek Nationalists under Ioannis Metaxas, who FOUGHT AGAINST the Nazis, also used the salute officially in their regime, though your history teacher may have neglected to tell you this.

The same salute was used by Greeks during the Ottoman times, including the heroes of 1821.

The Hellenic salute is embedded in our history
Next, is the Golden Dawn flag, which is supposedly very ‘swastika’ like. The truth is that the meander, more commonly known as the Greek key, is an ancient symbol of our people dating back thousands of years. Anyone who has studied Greek history, can see numerous examples of the meander in ancient Greek pottery, art work, architecture and letters. Like the swastika, which was known as the Gammadion to the ancient Greeks, this symbol has its origins in our ancient culture, and we shouldn't be ashamed of our ancient symbols because of what happened in WW2.

The meander is Greek, and proudly used by Golden Dawn as their flag. The colours of red, black and white where used to represent our struggle in the Greek War of independence, as seen in the Ypsilanti flag.

  1. I’m interested in getting a Golden Dawn shirt or flag, where do I go?

Please check out the official Golden Dawn online store for more details:

You can select the British flag at the top of the page for English translations. Please note that the store is often run by volunteers, and with international shipping, it will take a number of weeks to receive your order.

  1. I noticed Golden Dawn shirts and hoodies on ebay, are these legitimate?

No, Golden Dawn does not use ebay. Please do not purchase any Golden Dawn items off ebay as they are not official.
There is a notorious seller on ebay who sells not only fake Golden Dawn shirts, but shirts and items promoting other political parties (including Marxist types). This is a shameless opportunist, who is trying to make money off Golden Dawn’s name.
All proceeds from the official Golden Dawn store assist the party directly, including helping impoverished Greeks in need.

  1. Is Golden Dawn racist? Why do you hate immigrants?

It is important to note that Golden Dawn existed well before there was an immigration problem in Greece, and this is simply a symptom of a corrupt system that Golden Dawn has been fighting for over 30 years.
We believe the Greeks come first in Greece, for this reason we are labelled by the establishment and media as ‘racist’. The truth is that we do not wish other people, cultures, or races any harm, and hope they too can prosper in their own countries.
Golden Dawn is strongly opposed to the illegal immigration that is currently destroying Greece. The fact is that Greece has one of the lowest natural birth rates in the world. With our indigenous population shrinking, and no control over the thousands of invaders who illegally enter Greece every year, there simply will be no Greeks left in the future if current trends continue.
You cannot systematically replace Greeks with Africans and Middle Easterners and expect Greece to still be Greek. Our people have struggled for thousands of years to protect our way of life, language, culture and religion, and Golden Dawn will continue to fight for our existence as a people.
Although the illegal immigrants have brought a wave of crime and violence to Greece that never existed before, we do not blame the illegal immigrants themselves for Greece’s problems. The fault lies squarely with our corrupt government and the European Union which uses Greece as a dumping ground for any unwanted illegal immigrants who find themselves in Europe.
Businesses in Greece exploit illegal immigrants as cheap labour. With the financial crisis strangling Greek workers, the capitalists will do anything to maintain their big profits, and are happy to hire an illegal at a fraction of the cost of a Greek worker. This is why the corrupt Greek government isn't in any rush to deport or slow down the waves of illegals, as they are in bed with the major corporations. It is the capitalists, EU and corrupt Greek government who exploit these illegals, and in turn create massive problems in the stability and future of the Greek working class.

  1. Aren't the people of Golden Dawn Australia immigrants themselves? How can you be against immigration when Greeks have migrated to different countries all over the world?

The bulk of Greek migrants came to Australia during the 50s & 60s. During this time the Australian economy was booming and with a significant labor shortage, the Federal government signed a migration agreement with Greece in 1952. The agreement outlined the terms of migration between Greece and Australia, and also provided assistance to Greek migrants. The assistance meant that most Greeks who came here had their fares paid by the Australian government, in return for a promise to relocate and work in Australia. These terms also meant that Greek migrants would be screened and checked before being integrated into Australian society.
All this happened during the infamous White Australia policy, and the Greek migrants that settled in Australia had a common Christian/Western culture that most Australians took pride in. Unlike other minority groups, there has never been a ‘Greek crime wave’, ‘Greek gang rapists’ or ‘Greek rioters’ in Australia. Despite superficial differences, Greek Australians enjoy a low unemployment rate, a low criminal conviction rate, and have assimilated well into the general population. Greek Australians have become one of the most successful community groups in Australian society and this success story is the result of controlled immigration.
The situation in Greece however, is very different. There are no jobs in Greece for the thousands of illegals who flood our borders every month, uninvited. Since the financial crisis, Greece has hit some of the highest unemployment rates in the EU, reaching as high as 28%. Greece simply does not have the capacity or infrastructure to take on the millions of illegals that have poured into Greece over the last 25 years, when millions in Greece currently live in poverty.
The huge majority of migrants entering Greece are ILLEGAL immigrants, meaning they simply invaded our country. Unlike the Greeks who went through the proper legal channels to apply for migration with the Australian government, these illegals have no respect for our sovereignty, our borders or for the millions of Greeks who are struggling to make ends meet in a nation crippled by the international bankers.
Unlike the Greeks who came to Australia, these illegals entering Greece have not been checked for diseases, or links to criminal/terrorist organisations. Many of these illegal immigrants are also responsible for a massive crime wave that has seen extreme acts of violence, rape, robbery and brutality against not just every day Greeks, but other minorities in Greece.

(Left) Greek migrants who came to the new world to work as miners. (Right) Muslims in Greece, taking part in a public ritual of self mutilation on the streets of Piraeus
Many Greeks who came to Australia after WW2, came from a war torn country, and lived through extreme hardships. Many where rural folk, uneducated, and born in poverty, yet they never created slums in Australia, unlike the illegals who flock to Athenian Neighbourhoods and turn working class suburbs into ghettos.
It is a ridiculous egalitarian lie to believe that you can compare a legal Greek working class migrant in Australia to an illegal, unemployed migrant who snuck into Greece with the help of criminal people smuggling gangs. Regardless if politically correct people want to admit it or not, all Australians know through their personal experience that not all migrants groups are the same.
We do not hate immigrants. We believe in controlled immigration. You cannot compare modern Greek-Australians to the thousands of illegal invaders that have brought crime, violence and poverty to major Greek cities.

  1. How did Golden Dawn manage to grow so quickly?

Unlike the sell-out political parties which have been involved in numerous scandals, and happily abandon their beliefs in favor of appeasing the internationalists, Golden Dawn has a consistent and strong message which has never been compromised since its inception.
The mainstream media and ‘experts’ have placed Golden Dawn’s success entirely on the financial crisis. Although the financial crisis showed the Greek people how treacherous and corrupt the traditional political elite really are, Golden Dawn’s fastest growing support bloc has been among the youth. The youth of Greece who voted for Golden Dawn did not do so for financial reasons, as suggested by the ‘experts’, but voted for Golden Dawn because they identified with their Nationalist beliefs.
Syriza, with their connections to the mainstream media and backing by the internationalists has had much success in their promoting their fake socialism to the masses. Many Greeks troubled by the financial crisis have been drawn to Syriza’s empty promises. Golden Dawn voters are attracted to Golden Dawn’s nationalism, as the Greek people have become tired of their corrupt political system and thirst for a return back to when Greece was Greek.

  1. Greek migrants have prospered all over the world, why are you so against multiculturalism?

We believe in a Europe of the Nations, where each country is entitled to its own national sovereignty & self-determination
In a true multicultural Europe, Greece is Greek, Britain is British, Italy is Italian and so forth. Replacing these indigenous people with migrants from developing nations only destroys culture & identity, which works to the favor of the globalists as patriotic communities with traditional values are a major obstacle in their plans to dominate nations through globalisation.
Greek Australians, through controlled migration make up less than 1% of Australia’s population; we have never been a threat to the Anglo-Celtic foundation of this nation. Our culture and values are compatible with Australia’s Western/Christian society. The unfortunate truth for the liberals is that some cultures integrate better than others. We do not expect Muslims from developing nations in Greece to replicate the success story of the Greek-Australian community, regardless of how hard the EU tries.
We are not against multiculturalism; we are against the twisted Marxist interpretation of what multiculturalism is really about.
On a contrary to what the European Union might have you believe, multiculturalism is not about displacing the indigenous people of Europe by millions of 3rd world colonists. Thanks to ‘multiculturalism’, in many parts of Europe, we are beginning to see entire suburbs completely ethnically cleansed of indigenous Europeans. The birth rate among Muslims & Africans in Europe is higher than native Europeans, and with our current immigration levels, we are at risk of being replaced by the 3rd world in the near future.
This sick interpretation of multiculturalism is actually destroying Western culture. It is the EU’s political and social policies which are destroying the Nations of Europe in favor of a culture-less and border-less super state controlled by the Marxist elite in Brussels.

  1. What is the relationship between the Australia First Party and Golden Dawn?

Golden Dawn maintains relations with a number of Nationalist organisations outside of Greece. We have much respect for our fellow Nationalists who are also struggling in the same war to protect the future of their people.
In February 2013, Australia First announced it stood in solidarity with the Greek Nationalists, and backed up its statement with protests following the illegal crackdown on Golden Dawn MPs. That respect has been reciprocated, and many members of Golden Dawn Australia where proud to stand with Australian First in their support of Golden Dawn. 
In addition to the protests, Australia First is Australia’s only true Nationalist party, and shares a common Nationalistic ideology with Golden Dawn. For more information about Australia First, please refer to their website

  1. What is the history of Golden Dawn in Australia? How much support do you have in Australia?

Golden Dawn supporters have been active in Melbourne since 2010, which continues to be our largest chapter. In 2013, Golden Dawn Australia expanded its network into Sydney, and to Adelaide in 2014. Hobart followed with their own chapter in 2016. Between our 2 National conferences (Sydney 2016 & Melbourne 2017) we registered over 300 individual guests from all over Australia. 
Golden Dawn first caught local media attention in 2014, when the Australia First Party organised protests in support of Golden Dawn political prisoners. Golden Dawn Australia made national headlines in August 2014, when Golden Dawn announced its European MPs would be touring Australia.
Australian web traffic on the official Golden Dawn website, as well as hits on the 3 English language blogs (XA Ameriki, International Newsroom and Golden Dawn Australia) would suggest that we have consistently between 3,000 and 5,000 followers in Australia, though not all are necessarily Hellenes.

  1. Many Greek-Australian community leaders have denounced Golden Dawn Australia, including the tour of Golden Dawn MEPs in Sydney and Melbourne. Why are they so against you?

There is a massive disconnect between every day working class Greek-Australians and our self-appointed community ‘leaders’. If you walked up to any Greek Australian under the age of 65, and asked ‘who is the leader of the Greek community in Australia’, it is unlikely that they will be able answer to your question. Most Greek Australians have no idea who their community ‘leaders’ are, let alone care what they think. If many of them weren't so ridiculously wealthy, living in exclusive neighborhoods, we might actually know who they are.
Many of our Greek-Australian so called ‘leaders’ are simply puppets of the elite. They are in their privileged positions because they have been permitted by the establishment to do so, provided they toe the politically correct line. This politically correct line is decided by the Marxist and Zionists lobbies which hold sway in the Australian political arena, and they have decided long ago that Golden Dawn was politically incorrect. These lobby groups share an internationalist ideology, and patriotic movements which seek to break free of this ideology present a major obstacle to their plans.
It’s not uncommon for our supporters to be greeted by fellow Greeks when wearing our shirts in public. Our articles are constantly shared on social media, and we receive endless emails and messages from many in the community who offer encouragement and support for our patriotic beliefs. These Greek Australian ‘leaders’ do not represent the thousands of followers who support Golden Dawn, and will never amount to anything other than puppets of the establishment.
Greek-Australian politician Nick Kotsiras is a prime example of an anti-Hellenic worm. In his own words, Kotsiras describes how ‘hard’ it was growing up as a migrant in Australia because as a little boy, he was embarrassed by his mother’s gourmet sandwiches and Greek style garden at home. Before you shed a tear for Mr Kotsiras, who obviously endured such brutal racism as a result of his unique sandwiches, you must understand that he uses this as some sort of justification to spend Australian tax dollars on celebrating Africans, as well as defending burqas, and promoting Islam in Australia. In his mind, it’s about getting even, getting even against Australians because of some ridiculous situation over 40 years ago where he felt left out because his sandwiches made him feel different to the other kids.

This is what Nick Kotsiras is fighting to protect while crusading against Greek Australian patriots from sending food & clothing to starving Hellenes
Mind you, this is the same Nick Kotsiras who believes Golden Dawn Australia should be DEPRIVED OF OXYGEN. The same Nick Kotsiras that asked the powers that be to launch an all-out investigation in our charity work to help Greeks in need, which led to the shutting down of a group that worked with XA Australia to send over 5 tons of aid to Greeks in poverty. Unlike your average Greek Australian, Mr Kotsiras would rather praise his beloved Sudanese community of Melbourne & defend women in burqas than help a fellow impoverished Greek in need. These are the same Greek politicians in Greece which call our food appeals ‘soup kitchens of hate', and rush to build mosques for the thousands of illegal Muslims who invade our nation every day. Such is the disconnect between our political leaders and working class Greeks.

  1. What does Golden Dawn stand for, what are your policies?

Golden Dawn are Greek Nationalists. Some of Golden Dawn’s key nationalist policies and beliefs include:
  • The Greek people share a historical, cultural, linguistic, religious and biological connection that defines us as a people. Our ideal Nationalist state embodies the spirit of the Greek people, and exists to protect and enrich Hellenes as individuals and a society. The Greek Nationalist state serves & assists the Greek people in forming a higher moral society.
  • We reject the corrupt politicians of the traditional left and right, and embrace the third ideology. Unlike the internationalist Marxist-Left, and Zionist Neo-Conservative Right, our third position is rooted deeply in the history of our race, and is a natural and organic ideology that promotes the rebirth of our ethical, spiritual and social values.
  • Strong protectionism for our industries and jobs, to help protect Greek workers & businesses from international corporations. A state planned economy to ensure that Greeks are as self-sufficient as possible, to shield us from unpredictable and volatile international markets. Unlike the EU which sells off our keys industries, and tells us what we can and can’t produce, Greeks will take control of their economy and finances to ensure all Greek workers are secure in their employment.
  • Complete control of our national resources. The Greek state belongs to the Greek people, and the resources that enrich our land can only be used to benefit the welfare of the common Greek people. Unlike the puppets of the current establishment, we will not cede any of our resources to international loan sharks and overseas corporate opportunists.
  • Our socialism is a natural order that entitles all Greeks the economic means to fulfil their duties & purpose in life. All Greeks are entitled to fair wages, and we are against the exploitative wealth of the capitalists who take from the Greek working class. Our social state does not recognise income based classes, and our social classes are made up of workers with different skills, abilities and strengths, working in harmony like the cells of a human body.
  • The heart of the Social Nationalists economy is the labour of the people. Unlike the Bolsheviks, our socialism advocates family owned businesses like the ‘kleros’ and ‘temenos’ of our ancestors. Greek workers will be entitled to fair wages, and can purchase stock in their owners business to ensure profits are shared fairly, and to help motivate efficiency, productivity and creativity.
  • In the state planned economy, key major industries are nationalised, and belong to the state, which in turn belong to the Greek people. Big businesses will be incorporated into the state, and will serve as a means to ethically produce goods or services for the Greek people, while offering secure jobs for workers, and fair salaries. The purpose of corporations will not be driven by profit, and big businesses will not be able to operate unless they benefit Hellenic society as a whole.
  • Unlike the communists and capitalists who base their entire ideology on economics & material wealth, we believe there is more to life than just money. In our socialist state, money is simply a necessity, and the purpose of our socialist state is to remove the debt laden financial system which promotes usury as a tool to control the masses. The Greek people will never again be slaves to the banks, or international usurers, and all Greeks will be entitled to the means to support themselves and their families without being burdened by endless debt.
  • The promotion of Hellenism, and the morals and values which help shape healthy societies. We are against the cultural Marxism which is leading to the moral decay of our people, and will ensure the so called ‘progressives’ will not have the means to fill the masses with moral garbage that pollutes our society. Family values will form the foundation of the state, and we will fight degeneracy in all its forms.
  • The allocation of resources where appropriate, to serve the priorities of our society and not to the profits of corporations. This includes the promotion of our academic institutions, including scientific, medical and technological advancements. In our socialist state, talented researchers and scientists will be able to invest their time in appropriate areas that are critical to the welfare of our society. This is opposed to the current trend of wasting their talent on corporations that offer lucrative salaries to help them increase profits, without producing anything that benefits society.
  • Severe punishment for traitors, and the enemies of society. There will be no concession for people who collaborate with outside forces against the interest of the people, and there will be severe repercussions for those that harm innocent Greeks. Known paedophiles, serial killers, traitors, rapists, drug dealers & terrorists will expect extremely harsher convictions than what is currently served by the modern establishment.
  • National defence will become a priority of the state, and the deterioration of our armed forces by the current regime is completely unacceptable. We recognise that Turkey is a serious threat (among other forces) to our national sovereignty, and will invest in our armed forces to ensure the protection of our civilisation.
  • In terms of foreign policy, we have no interest in continuing our current treaties with the American imperialists, and will realign ourselves with Orthodox Russia. The Zionists controlled states have only taken advantage of Greece, and do not serve our military, economic and social needs.

    17. I am new to Greek politics. I have been following your articles, but am struggling with some of the names, ideologies and organisations you mention. 

New Democracy: Known as Nea Demokratia in Greek, this is the centre right party of Greece, equivalent to the Australian Liberal party, which they share an official relationship with. New Democracy voters are generally older and more conservative. Konstantinos Karamanlis founded the party in 1974. They are one of the three establishment parties in Greece founded in 1974, the others being PASOK (“socialists”) and the KKE (“communists”). They have formed government in Greece on a number occasions and where last in power in 2014. 

New Democracy have been involved in numerous scandals, ripping off the Greek people for years prior to the financial crisis. They are blind followers of the American/NATO/Israeli alliance, and are committed to supporting international Jewry at all costs, even at the expense of the Greek people.

When Golden Dawn entered parliament in 2012, New Democracy was being led by Antonis Samaras. During its time in government between 2012-2014, New Democracy did everything in its power to help the memorandum in its attack on impoverished Greeks, as well as selling off national resources to private investors and international capitalists. Crippled by unemployment of over 26% at the time, New Democracy did nothing to fulfill its promises in reviving the Greek economy. Despite claiming to be patriotic, and often talking of 'anti-illegal' rhetoric during election times, New Democracy passed legislation regarding the so called 'anti-racist' bill which legitimized illegal aliens, and persecutes those who dare question their place in Greece.

New Democracy is struggling in its popularity, and has taken a massive nose dive since it formed a coalition with their supposed political enemy, PASOK, in 2012. Many New Democracy voters have since moved over to Golden Dawn. In 2014, the New Democracy/PASOK coalition was unable to muster the necessary votes of confidence needed to elect the president of the republic, and Greece went into snap elections. New Democracy lost by a wide margin to Syriza, following Syriza's anti-memorandum lies to the Greek people. 

New Democracy is by far the most popular party among the older Greek diaspora in Australia, though most of their members are elderly. 

PASOK: This is the ‘Socialist’ center left party, the equivalent of the Australian Labor Party. PASOK, was formed in 1974 and has ruled over Greece for the majority of the four decades since its formation. 

PASOK for a long time was the ‘lite’ version of the Communist party, and enjoyed unofficial support from the anarchist thugs. PASOK has been one of the key players in helping the internationalists implement progressive cultural Marxism on the Greek people, including promoting same sex marriage, abortions and rewarding communist killers with pensions. 

PASOK has instigated, participated in and covered up numerous scandals over the last 40 years, all at the expense of the Greek people. PASOK tried for a long time to convince the world that the country was not going broke, while they secretly borrowed and stole money from the Greek tax payers. Eventually, the financial crisis in Greece could no longer be contained, and PASOK was forced to admit the country’s finances where in ruins, and would have to implement austerity on the Greek people to pay for the mistakes of their corrupt practices.

PASOK was caught red handed stealing and lying to the Greek people and has paid a political price for its past and current corruption. PASOK is no longer a major player in Greek politics, and has gone from traditionally enjoying roughly 40% of the Greek vote, to getting 5% in the latest 2015 National elections elections. 

PASOK was last in power over 2012-2014, in a coalition government with their supposed political rivals New Democracy. Their leader at the time was Evangelos Venizelos who has since been replaced. PASOK struggles to remain relevant after 2014.

Typical modern PASOK supporters

KKE: The Greek Communist Party was founded shortly after the Russian Revolution in 1918 by a Bulgarian Jew, Avraam Benaroya. This is the 3rd establishment party of Greece, and currently the oldest. 

The KKE has a long history of favoring minorities over Greeks (as you would expect considering it was founded by a non-Greek), and during the Balkan wars, favored giving Greek Macedonia to Bulgaria and Turkey. This treacherous behavior also manifested itself during Greco-Turkish war, and the communists refused to fight for Greece because of concerns over the fall of the Ottoman Empire. 

The KKE continued its betrayal of Greece by refusing to fight against the Germans and Italians during WW2, as their beloved Soviet Union had signed the Molotov-Non aggression pact with the Axis Powers (Germany-Italy). While Greek Nationalists fought to the bitter end against the Axis, the Greek communists formed military brigades, and actively began their plot to take over Greece during the occupation. 

The communists formed alliances with Bulgarians & Albanians in Greece, and began all-out war against anyone they considered non-Communist. The anti-Greek communists began targeting innocent Greek civilians, leading to the tragic massacre of Meligala. After the occupation ended, the communists started the civil war in Greece, in an attempt to take the country by force. 

After 3 and a half years of civil war, with thousands dead, the communists lost the war against the Nationalists, and the party was outlawed. The party was allowed to return without any penalties or prosecution for their crimes in 1974, by Konstantinos Karamanlis of New Democracy. Since 1974, the KKE has traditionally enjoyed between 4 and 9 percent of the national vote. 

KKE have never acknowledged the Constitution of Greece and have never provided information on their financial dealings to the Greek public as required by the constitution.

The party, like PASOK and New Democracy has been involved in numerous scandals, and many of their high - ranking members are filthy rich Greeks who claim to be Marxists fighting for the working class. 

It’s important for our Australian readers to understand that there is a sizable percentage of older Greek migrants who support the KKE. Their allegiance is mostly based on tradition, as either they or their parents/grandparents fought with the partisans in WW2 or during the Greek civil war. 

Avraam Benaroya, the Jewish founder of the 'Greek' Communist party, the KKE

Syriza: Is an extreme leftist Marxist coalition group , headed by Alexis Tsipras. SY stands for “synaspismos” meaning coalition, RIZ stands for “rizospastiki” meaning radical and the A stands for “aristera” meaning left: literally the “Coalition of the Radical Left”. They are NOT a single political entity but a collection of various fringe and extremist groups who are working together. Each of these “groups” has certain “rights” within SYRIZA. 

When Golden Dawn first entered parliament, Syriza was the main opposition party over the period 2012-2014, leading Greece in most public polls at the time. Essentially PASOK number 2, Syriza emerged to fill the gap left behind by PASOK after their popularity plummeted during the Greek financial crisis. 

Syriza’s rise in popularity stemmed from a number of policies they claimed to endorse during the beginning of the financial crisis. Syriza initially claimed that it would rip up the memorandum, and remove Greece from the Eurozone, similar to how PASOK in the early 80s said it would pull Greece out of NATO and the EEC. Unlike PASOK who lied to the Greek people and waited to get elected before turning back on their promise, Syriza begun backtracking before their election, and stated that it will still continue with the memorandum (and just give it a ‘hair cut’) & continue to keep Greece in the Eurozone. 

Many Greeks believe Syriza’s promise to reinstate salaries, pensions and give free food and electricity to the poor, using the famous line of ‘there is money’ (the same line used by PASOK shortly before it was revealed that Greece’s economy was actually in ruins). Syriza’s ranks are filled with a number of ex-PASOK members, including the likes of MEP Manolis Glezos, Theodora Tzakri & Antonis Kostakas. Although Syriza claims to be a Marxist party that is fighting for the poor against the bank, the international bankers have assured the market that Syriza is one of their guys.

In 2015, Greece fell into snap elections when the New Democracy/PASOK coalition was unable to elect a president. Syriza dominated New Democracy with its anti-austerity promises, and formed a coalition government with the supposedly 'right wing' Independent Greeks party. Sharing a 'euro skeptic' & 'anti-austerity' ideology, neither of the 2 parties have done anything to pull Greece out of the EU, and have pledged to stay part of the Eurozone while agreeing to pay every last cent to the international loan sharks. Syriza has continued where New Democracy left off, and since been in power, has done everything in their power to keep Greece in the EU, while selling the country off to the globalists.

Syriza & Gay pride flags are often found together at Tsipras rallies

Antonis Samaras: When Golden Dawn entered first parliament, Samaras was the leader of New Democracy, & Prime Minister of Greece (2012-2014). Samaras was elected as Prime Minister on the promise that he would come down harder on issues compared to the previous PASOK government, particularly on affairs concerning illegal immigration, re-negotiating the Memorandum,  and restoring the economy. After nearly 2 years of being in power, the Greeks realised nothing had changed, as all promises have been broken.

Samaras was known to travel to the United States to meet with a number of Jewish organisations, in particular during the arrests on Golden Dawn, which he orchestrated. After Golden Dawn’s rise in 2012, Samaras lost the highest percentage of supporters to Golden Dawn, and conspired with a number of other New Democracy MPs to lock them up in gaol instead of challenging them the democratic way through elections. 

Samaras’ achievements include using Greek tax payers’ dollars to fund Athens first mosque, as well as selling off Greece’s prime energy industries to big capitalists. In 2015, Samaras was unable to muster the votes need to elect the President of the republic, and lost in the following elections to Tspira's Syriza party. He was later replaced by another no name New Democracy MP as leader, and has since faded into obscurity. It is widely held that Samaras suffers from serious psychological problems, and remains very unbalanced as he continues his political career as a rank and file New Democracy kleptocrat.   

Tsipras (left) & Samaras (right), supposed political 'rivals', meeting at the HQ of the Jewish Rothschild banking cartel

Alexis Tsipras: Prime Minister of the current Greek government, and leader of the Syriza party. Tspiras came from a wealthy family (his father owned a construction company), and like many spoiled rich kids, he joined the Communist Youth in the 80s, earning a reputation among leftists for his anti-Greek activism. Most of his motivation to join the left came from a girl he chased in school, who is now his wife and has managed to control him as he has no character or personality of his own. 

A self-confessed atheist, Tsipras believes that ‘Hellenism’ is an out-dated concept, and is looking to provide citizenship for the thousands of illegal immigrants in Greece (as he knows they will vote for his party). As one of Greece's youngest leaders, Tsipras, like his leftists predecessors (Papandreos) has made some extremely bold statements about his policies, including ending austerity, and removing Greece from the EU, both policies which he has abandoned before taking office. Tsipras is also famous for holding a referendum in Greece, and did the exact opposite of what was voted by the people. 

For those that believe Tspiras is against big business, you will need to hear from the international bankers themselves what they think of Tspiras. He has the green light from Goldman Sachs, who have described him as ‘one of their guys’, and will undoubtedly fall from grace just like PASOK now that his true colors have begun to shine while in power. Like most high profile Marxist, Tsipras is a friend of big business and will continue to sell out the Greek working class like the rest of the leftists.   

Evangelos Venizelos: Was the former leader of PASOK, & Deputy Prime Minster of Greece (2012-2014) when Golden Dawn was first elected into office. Given the fact that PASOK is yesterday’s news, we won’t spend more than a paragraph further on Venizelos.

Venizelos is on record for admitting that he would have no problem if his daughters married Turks, and continues to sell out his party to immigrants as working class Greeks no longer wish to vote for him or his corrupt party. There is a big power struggle within PASOK, and Venizelos is having difficulty managing the Papandreou’s rising popularity within what’s left of PASOK ranks. Venizelos is not related to Eleftherios Venizelos: his family’s real surname is Turkoglu and they copied their surname from the former Prime Minister of Greece. 

Nationalism: In a broad sense, Nationalism is a political ideology where the people are entitled to their own self-governing nation, free of foreign domination, and places the needs of the State and its people as of primary National importance. From this, stems a number of Nationalist ideologies that differ in a number of ways, including how they define who and what constitutes a state, their economic model, their foreign policies, as well as their social/cultural objectives. 

In the recent EU elections, we have seen the rise of ‘civic nationalists’, including Front National (France), Party For Freedom (Holland) and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UK). This form of Nationalism comes from the Modernist period, encompassing a large number of diverse people within the state (such as those of Middle Eastern & African background), and has no racial or ethnic foundation. Many of these parties lack proper nationalistic social policies, and maintain the capitalist/liberal economic structure of the current liberal democracies. 

In contrast, Golden Dawn’s Nationalism is based on ancient Hellenic principles and virtues which are thousands of years of old. Our Nationalism recognises that the Greek people are a unique ethnic group, who share a common language, history, culture and biology.  It is the Greek people who constitute the Greek state, and unlike the civic Nationalists, an African Muslim cannot simply ‘become’ Greek with a change of a passport. You are born Greek, you do not become Greek. This is known as “ethnic” nationalism. This has been the mainstream political ideology of the majority Greeks until the 1960s. The Greek word for National, as in National Anthem or National Flag is “Ethnikos”. This is where the English word “ethnic” has its roots; “people who identify with each other based on common ancestral, social cultural experience”

Further contrasting Golden Dawn to the civic Nationalists, is our socialism. We are not just Nationalists, we are also Socialist, meaning we strive to remove ourselves from the capitalist usury system which allows the wealthy elite & banks to dominate the people. Unlike the capitalists and communists, we recognise that there is more to life than just money, and the purpose of our state is to enrich and nourish Hellenic society so that it develops and grows into a higher civilisation. This is our Social-Nationalism. 

The symbol of European Nationalism

Communism: The opposite of Nationalism, communism is an internationalist ideology, and seeks to destroy unique cultures, religions and social classes to create a single atheistic new world order. In order to achieve this goal, communism seeks to destroy Nations in favour of a single globalist system.  

Communism derives from the ideology of a Jew by the name of Karl Marx. Marx’s ideology, like other Judeo inspired ideologies, reduced its entire foundation down to wealth & money, and preached that the workers of the world would unite prior to the Great War to start the workers revolution. Unfortunately for Marx, he was wrong, as he failed to take into account that thousands of years of mutual history, culture & blood bounded the different nations of Europe, and the workers proudly took up arms to defend their people & homeland. 

The first Communist state appeared during the “Russian” revolution. We use “Russian” in inverted commas because like the ideological founder of Communism, the so called “Russian” revolution was organised, funded and run by many Jews, such as, Kaplan, Sverdlov, Trotsky, Kamenez, Yagoda, Urisky & Zinoviev, many who would go on to hold prominent roles in the Soviet Union. These Judeo-Communists had a score to settle with Orthodox Russia, and after forcibly taking over Russia in a violent war, millions of Orthodox Christians where killed in the Soviet Union by the bloodthirsty regime. Orthodox Christianity was the target of destruction, in order to create an atheistic super state that spawned other similar parties across Eastern Europe and around the world.

Like the “Russian” revolution, Greece’s communist party was founded by a Jew (See KKE above for more information) and is inherently anti-Greek in nature. The communists of Greece seek to replicate the blood thirsty regime of the Soviet Union in Greece, destroying our culture & religion to the favor of the internationalists. The first Prime Minister of “Israel”, David Ben Gurion, lived and studied in Thessaloniki and assisted the Greek Communist movement, as well as the Ottoman Empire during WW1 as part of an all Jewish militia.

Cultural Marxism: When Marx’s prediction on the great global workers revolution never eventuated after WW1, a number of Marxist Jews from Germany began to look beyond Marx’s socio-economic foundation, and looked towards the cultural/social theories that complimented it. Assuming that culture was more important than economics, the Marxists began to lay the foundations of a new Marxist theory in the Frankfurt school, which essentially masked traditional communism for consumption in the West. This new form of Marxism was for export only, designed to distract from the failures of the USSR, and targeted the West which had little chance of adopting Soviet style communism.

Almost all of the prominent leading scholars of the Frankfurt school and their cultural Marxist colleagues where Jewish, including Adorno, Horkheimer, Benjamin, Fromm, Marcuse, Lukács & Bloch. Following the National Socialists rise to power in Germany, the Frankfurt school abandoned Germany and moved to New York city in 1935. It was in New York that the Cultural Marxists became affiliated with Columbia University, and began exporting their ideas to other American & Western scholars. 

By the 1960s, the Cultural Marxists dominated much of American academia, extending their influence to the Chicago school and beyond. Their mantra, through ‘critical theory’, was to challenge all conservative and traditional elements of society which they identified as the 'oppressors of the masses'. 

The Cultural Marxists, like their Communists brothers in Eastern Europe, sort to empower minorities to champion their cause. Homosexuals and paedophiles where encouraged to organise and demonstrate, demanding their rights in a healthy society where such perversions where illegal. The rise of feminism soon followed, and the Cultural Marxists used the universities to recruit young impressionable women who would cause further havoc in their attack on Western Society. Minorities such as Blacks where agitated and given the support to riot and spread violence in urban environments. 

For generic European males, the Cultural Marxist convinced them that they could join the struggle against the ‘system’, by adopting ridiculous sub cultures & ideas, such as the hippy movement which sort to further undermine the morals of the working class man. This gave rise to the infamous “kill your parents” generation that rioted throughout the late 60s in favour of a drug using, degenerate and atheistic lifestyle. The same champions of Cultural Marxism would go on to cut their hair and beards, take up positions in government, and push legislation to radically change our nations through mass third world immigration. 

The Cultural Marxists continue to occupy most of Western Academia, and have also infiltrated much of the Entertainment industry which helped their theory go mainstream. All hedonistic modern lifestyles that embrace drug use, sexual perversions, genderless identity, and racial miscegenation have their roots in Cultural Marxism, which seeks to destroy the strong patriarchal traditions that have existed in our culture for thousands of years. 

The Troika/Memorandum: The troika is the collective term used to describe the 3 organisations that are currently strangling the Greek people. They are the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Commission (EC). The Troika are the international loan sharks that came to ‘bailout’ Greece after the corrupt politicians destroyed the economy. In return for the Troika's financial lending, the Greek people would suffer harsh austerity measures which have plunged them further into poverty.  

The memorandum is the agreement signed between Greece and the Troika in 2010, which essentially reduced Greece to a protectorate of the international bankers. Since the signing of the memorandum, Greece has seen 20,000 fewer births per year, and an increase of the number deaths, including thousands of suicides.

Despite what the media has said about ‘lazy Greeks’, the truth is that the financial crisis in Greece was a result of the political corruption and opportunistic and predatory behavior of the EU and international bankers. During the peak of the financial crisis, New Democracy did all in its power to appease the Troika, and never lived up to their promise to ‘re-negotiate’ better terms for the Greek people. Syriza was then elected into government in 2015, making even greater promises to tear up the memorandum. This was ofcourse another lie, as Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza re-established his commitment to the International Loan Sharks in 2015, agreeing to repay the loan sharks under harsher conditions which will continue to destroy the Greek people for generations to come.  

At best, Syriza has only renamed the Troika/Memorandum, while still administering the same poison as the Samaras/Venizelos regime. It is in the interests of the Greek people to kick out the Troika, tear up the memorandum, imprison the corrupt political elite that brought about the crisis, and allow the Greek people to rebuild their economy & nation.

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