Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Anniversary of “Red November” in Kilkis: 7500 slaughtered by communist EAM Bulgarians

The symbol of communist atrocity in the southern part of Greece is Meligala: for northern Greece it is Kilkis and with a significantly greater number of victims too!

Let’s begin at the start, on October 26 1944 Nazi troops left Kilkis. The city immediately became a refuge for many nationalist fighters of Macedonia after Thessaloniki fell to the communist forces of the EAM Bulgarians. Many residents of the surrounding villages also descended on Kilkis fearing the gangs of the pro Bulgarian Greek rebels known as the Comitatzis, who would certainly pass through their villages with fire and iron!

The defence of the city was organised by the Lieutenant of the National Army of Greece Konstantinos Papadopoulos, who was a local.

Standing against Kilkis were thousands of highly dedicated and well - armed communist gangsters. They were desperate to overtake Kilkis for several reasons:

1.      To exterminate the nationalists who’d sought refuge there. The communist gangsters were afraid of facing the nationalists who would oppose their plans to separate Macedonia and Thrace from Greece and surrender these regions to the Bulgarian dogs.
2.      They regarded Kilkis as a strategically important city due to its proximity to the Yugoslavian border
3.      To warn any Greek who planned on opposing their traitorous actions that they will act without mercy, as demonstrated in the massacres that they’d planned.

It was an unequal battle that began at dawn on the fourth of November in Kilkis. The resistance of the Greeks was heroic, but the lack of ammunition inevitably forced the cessation of the fighting. That afternoon the EAM Bulgarian Comitatzis enter Kilkis and like wild animals start to slaughter any Greek they find before them! The final count of their victims reaches 7500!

They admit to these terrible massacres themselves. I offer the following examples from three communist sources:
1.      “In any case the dead of the security battalions were thousands, not from the battle but mostly from the courts of the people and in the acts of personal retribution that followed. The leader of the Civil Protection Forces from ELAS (National Hellenic Liberation Front -communists) in Kilkis, a man with the pseudonym “Vrachos” (meaning rock) had lost his son during the Occupation, murdered by the Security Battalions. There was no chance that he would show any mercy…” (“The Pontian Civil War” or “The End Of The Security Battalions”, )

2.      The Roads Of Kilkis Were Full Of Dead Bodies” (“The 13th Constitution of ELAS” by Tsaniklidis”)

3.      For three days after the Liberation of Thessaloniki, ELAS followed them to Kilkis and attacked with the result being the extermination of a significant amount of people. People were murdered who shouldn’t have been or there should have been some other form of punishment, but the hatred against those who had ruled over the people of Thessaloniki was intense”. (“The Critical Decisions Of ELAS That Saved Thessaloniki On October 30, 1944” by Katerina Bakirtzi,

An eternal curse on the EAM Bulgarian murderers and their current political heirs!

Written by G Dimitrakopoulos, Retired Educator

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