Sunday, 29 October 2017

SYRIZA’s battalions burn out everything! Only the Golden Dawn will enforce Law and Order

A police station got petrol bombed by anarchists - Remember, these are the same people that have the audacity to falsely accuse Golden Dawn of violence.

The response of Golden Dawn to the anti-Hellenic government of Tsipras-Kammenos, which is supporting the left-wing battalions, was given to the Parliament today. It was emphasized that to the anarchist criminal gangs are involved with the children of the SYRIZA, such as the son of Skourletis. The hypocrisy of the political party New Democracy of Mitsotakis, was also denounced, which, as government, had delivered Athens to the actions of hooded people:

"The SYRIZA’s battalions have burned everything with the absolute tolerance of Tsipras-Kammenos, because in these criminal gangs participate even the children of their ministers, like the son of Skourtetis, who had been arrested for assaulting to the offices of Golden Dawn in Marousi .

They are the same anti-state groups that, during the governments of the political parties PASOK-ND, had burned all of Athens. And then, there were no arrests, and then, there was absolute tolerance, so Mitsotakis would stop mocking society. Only the Golden Dawn can enforce Law and Order ".

Ilias Kasidiaris - Golden Dawn spokesman

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