The official account details for Golden Dawn donations are found in the above image. For those that require a SWIFT/BIC code, please use: ERBKGRAA. All Funds go directly to Greece, and assist the party with a number of expenses, including food & clothing appeals, legal fees, and other costs needed to run the movement


Our supporters in Australia and abroad have contacted us over the years on how they can personally support Golden Dawn in their struggle for the liberation of Greece. Many patriots (including non-Hellenes) have contributed to our food & clothing appeals, as well as pledging their financial support to assist Golden Dawn with similar initiatives directly in Greece.

Your contributions, no matter their size, are collectively making a difference. From feeding impoverished Greeks, to assisting with the legal costs needed to free uncompromising Nationalists, Golden Dawn continues to rise with the support of Nationalists from across the globe. This rise is despite the unconstitutional suppression of our funding by the corrupt system, and the unlawful political persecution of our party which has failed to yield Golden Dawn. Your donations ARE making a difference, which is why the system is trying to stop us here in Australia.

We would like to thank all our comrades who have contributed to our efforts so far, and encourage other supporters in Australia to help us in our Nationalistic struggle against the system. Zionists, International Bankers, and Marxists are trying desperately to stop the rise of Nationalism in Greece, and in return we will continue to stand in solidarity with Golden Dawn. XA Australia will not be intimidated by the systems attempt to silence our voice, and we will continue to support Golden Dawn.

The growing power of Golden Dawn is serving as an inspiration to Nationalism across the Western World, and we appreciate the respect & support we receive from Nationalists all over the globe.

-Golden Dawn Australia

Below is a translation from Golden Dawn organisers in Greece. We promised to share their message with our supporters in Australia

'I contribute to the freedom of Greece: I financially support Golden Dawn!

The illegal and unconstitutional political persecution against the People's Association of Golden Dawn by the Samaras Junta, was launched in September 2013, and had a twofold objective: 

First, to silence us through imprisonment in order to shut down voice of the Greek Nationalists. And secondly, by using unconstitutional means to economically strangle our Nationalist Movement. 

The unconstitutional State persecution of Golden Dawn is illegal - from the imprisonment of our MPs, to the suspending of our state funding as a legitimate political movement, the state continues to act unlawfully. This is aimed precisely at preventing the lawful political struggle of Golden Dawn which is protected by the Greek constitution. 

With such miseries, the Samaras Junta sought to distort the clear and explicit will of 540,000 Greeks who voted for the People's Nationalist Movement. Therefore, the manipulation of the Junta against the Movement, is scheming directly against the political will of the Greek people! 

The Power of the Greek people is the Golden Dawn and the Power of the Golden Dawn is the Greek people! 

A dark Tyranny eclipses the people and our homeland, but we keep alive the torch of the National Resistance: I contribute to the demolition of the tyranny brought on by the International Bankers & Marxist elite - I financially support the Golden Dawn!'


ACCOUNT NAME: Laikos Syndesmos Xrysh Aygh
ACCOUNT No: 00260315830200590942 
IBAN: GR0402603150000830200590942




Tel: +30 210 6985121 (s.507)


  1. I would proud to assist the struggle of the golden dawn. Racial regards!

    1. We are honoured by your support. Together, we stand with Golden Dawn!

  2. i miss a bitcoin address
    for anonymous support

    salute from germany

    1. Kamerad, we appreciate your offer for support.

      To answer your question, Golden Dawn has purposely made a successful effort to keep all finances transparent and above board. Unlike the kleptocrats of PASOK & New Democracy, Golden Dawn is the only party to of undergone a full investigation by the Greek Financial Crimes Squad, proving all party finances to be clean & legitimate.

      This has been a major blow to the system and their fake charges as they relied on the false claim that Golden Dawn was profiting from criminal acts, in order to be ruled as a 'criminal organisation'. For this reason, we are unable to receive anonymous donations such as bitcoin, to remain transparent & honest with our finances as we have done through out our entire history.

      If you prefer not to make a direct donation via bank account, perhaps consider supporting Golden Dawn by purchasing a shirt or merchandise from our official store. Proceeds from the store go towards assisting the movement.

      Also check out the donations section of XA Ameriki, I believe they may still be collecting food which is sent to Greece & handed out at Golden Dawn public food appeals for Greeks in need.

      Regards from Australia


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