Saturday, 22 July 2017

More Leftist Terrorism in Athens

Following the destruction within and outside the High Court building and following the announcement of the decision regarding the convicted terrorist “Irianna”, the comrades of Syriza carried out their underground “work” without opposition.

Their “work” during a protest walk of various underground organisations starting at Monastiraki moving towards Syntagma, was the violent and extensive vandalism of the stores and footpaths of the main commercial road in central Athens, Ermou St. These scums of the left and of “progress” are the comrades of governing party Syriza and probably have sons of government ministers in their midst.

The audacity of the underground was systematically nurtured during the preceding hours. On the one hand the apathy of the police and government in the aftermath of the violent assault on a tourist (!), the absence of any arrests or at least taking someone into custody after the High Court disturbance but also the undeniable support they received from the government had as a logical conclusion this night time vandalism and looting.

It isn’t necessary of course to hypothetically ask the owners of the television stations, the journalists, the newspapers and the politicians what they would have said exactly, how much time they would have dedicated in their editorials and how all-encompassing their condemnation would have been, had Golden Dawn participated in similar disturbances. Now they are silent but if a Golden Dawner coughs in the wrong direction there’d be an outcry, blaming Golden Dawn for the spread of the flu.


  1. Execute the terrorist Irianna, and the treasonous terrorist anarchists, who are attacking people's shops who are simply working to provide food for their family. Get a job you unbathed, drug addict anarchist traitors.

  2. These leftist and anarchist hypocrites claim to support the workers (The Proletariat), but are happy to smash up dozens of shops, that employ workers, which means those workers are able to provide food on their families. These people are the worst kind of traitors, and are a literal poison to Hellenic society.

  3. WTF going to greece in 2 weeks now this fucking hell, lord have mercy on us, its time for a coup