Thursday, 20 July 2017

Unbathed hooded anarchists attack Australian-Hellene tourist for shopping on a Sunday

Tourist from Australia attacked by anarchist para-troopers of the Hellenic government

A day at Ermou and an Australian-Hellene tourist from Australia and his family take a walk in the center of Athens. Shortly afterwards, they learn about the Hellenic reality and the immunity enjoyed by the herds of the anarchist paratroopers that are polluting the urban centers with the government's tolerance and co-operation.

In particular, a group of left-wing anarchist paratroopers attacked and beat the man horribly in front of his daughter and his wife. A little later, with blood on his face and body, he asks for police help, denouncing how a hooded group attacked him because he entered a shop and was shopping.

As he said to the media, "I was walking with my family, they came close to me and they hit me with punches, no reason. I did not say anything to them, I did not know them. They told me not to shop."

The victim's wife said, "We just walked all four as if nothing happened when they suddenly came back and hit my husband. Everywhere blood, my daughter cried, fainted, tried to pull him away, but they did not care, pushed my mother, me, and the child. Seriously; What animals are they? This can not happen ... It can not happen. We are tourists, we are returning to Australia tomorrow. We came here, we spent our money on your economy. And they hit us? I will never come again, that's for sure," she says.
Ye good one anarchists. Attacking innocent tourists who are helping our economy, while constantly sticking up for illegal immigrant animals.

As expected, no one rushed to look at the hundreds of cameras in the area to find out the identity of the hoodies before they put on their hoods. Also as expected, that in one of the most policed ​​areas of Athens, the tourist had to look for police officers. This is not the first time the authorities have given time to the paratroopers to disappear. In the case of the attack on the offices of Golden Dawn on Mesogeion Avenue, the authorities of Kifissia was notified, but nothing happened with the obvious aim of protecting the paratroopers.

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  1. It is distressing for us patriotic Greeks to see just how low Greece has gone down the toilet over the years.We do pray that a party like Golden Dawn comes to power soon.And yes,all those traitors who contributed to the rot over the years will pay dearly for their crimes.


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