Monday, 22 May 2017

Michaloliakos: Our exclusion from Parliament is illegal! SYRIZA / New Democracy are united against GD

N G Michaloliakos: Our exclusion from the Parliament is illegal! The pro-memorandum parties of SYRIZA and New Democracy are united against Golden Dawn!

“We, as Golden Dawn, denounce the exclusion of all our Parliamentary representatives from the parliamentary debate regarding the fourth memorandum of the Left, as illegal and against the regulations of the Parliament itself. We denounce the mutual understanding and cooperation between SYRIZA and New Democracy on the exclusion of Golden Dawn from the Parliament. 

This exclusion is enforced with the excuse of a single incident and at this point I’d like to pose the following rhetorical question to the entire Hellenic people: There was only a small group of Golden Dawn Parliamentarians present at the time of the incident so why are all of our Parliamentarians to be excluded from this Parliamentary debate? This is Stalin –like logic from Mr Voutsi who remains a communist and whom neo-liberal New Democracy are in total co-operation, as they agree with SYRIZA on the sell-out of our Fatherland. 

In the debate that is continuing at this moment in Parliament the Hellenic people are not being represented. The oligarchy is being represent and the interests of the European system of Merkel and the international banking elite. Like it or not, Golden Dawn will continue to fight, against the memorandum, which impoverishes the Hellenic people and cedes national sovereignty. If they believe that they will get rid of us with Stalin-like exclusions from the parliament, they’re mistaken. Golden Dawn remains present and we will continue to be present.

Michaloliakos: (Responding to question from journalist) Golden Dawn’s opposition to the memorandum has been submitted in writing and will be re-submitted. 

Journalist: there is a question of collective blame here, if I’ve understood correctly? That’s what you’re saying.

Michaloliakos: Of course, that’s what has occurred and in fact Mr Voutsis, dishonestly relied upon the words of our parliamentarian Mr Lagos, who didn’t refer to the incident at all but whom Mr Voutsis asserted was representing all of Golden Dawn. How is this so, just because Mr Voutsis decided it? 

Journalist: So what is supporting the argument of collective blame is that other Golden Dawn parliamentarians spoke…

Michaloliakos: Only our Parliamentarians? I think the whole of the Hellenic people saw, the whole parliamentary body, the hooligan-like parliamentarians of SYRIZA, PASOK and New Democracy shouting, isn’t there any responsibility for them? Aren’t there any laws for them?

Journalist: Do you hold to the statement that was published that more or less “Dendias deserved it?”

Michaloliakos: I never said “Dendias deserved it” neither did Mr Kasidiaris, however it is certain that Mr Dendias provoked the incident and it had repercussions. However let’s be serious, in a nation that they’ve ruined, they’ve sold out the Fatherland, three million Hellenes are unemployed, twenty-five per cent of Hellenes are living below the poverty line, a little push bothered them?” 

Journalist: “Do you condemn the push?” 

Michaloliakos: I condemn the push as I condemn the stance of Dendias to come up to our faces and provoke us. He is the one who orchestrated the political frame-up against us that led us all to jail. There has been a court summons submitted to the Parliament against Antony Samaras, for his interference in the legal case and no one is tabling it for discussion. 

Journalist: Are you planning to do something now? Will you respect the judgement of the President of the Parliament?

Michaloliakos: We are obliged to respect his judgement. There will come a time when the judgments of the Hellenic people will be respected. These judgments are expressed more than anyone by Golden Dawn. A Golden Dawn that is becoming stronger with the everyday people, with our youth, with farmers- the places where the Ministers of SYRIZA don’t dare to go neither do the so-called saviours of New Democracy, because they’ll face protests from the people. Wherever we go, we are warmly welcomed.

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