Saturday, 20 May 2017

Local Activism - Golden Dawn Sydney, May 2017

The People’s Nationalist Movement strives forward, once again distributing our Party’s Newspaper across Greek Neighborhoods in Sydney. Over 140 papers where shared this weekend, all of which we were eagerly received by our fellow Greeks.

Unlike the highly controlled propaganda of the Greek papers & broadcasters (who remain in the pockets of the Anti-Hellenic Establishment), we distributed a message that prioritises the needs of the Greeks, first and foremost. In contrast to New Democracy or Sriza, we have zero ties to the capitalists, special interest lobby groups, or other dubious networks, and instead embrace an ideology that represents the interests of Greek families, our history and our future as a people. This is why our message is embraced by the Greeks, and why we are welcomed to share our love for our nation with proud Hellenes. 

This week marked the remembrance of the Pontian Genocide, when Pontian Greeks, the indigenous and original inhabitants of the area, where massacred by the Ottomans and displaced entirely from their ancient homeland after thousands of years of continued civilisation in the region. Golden Dawn is the only party which not only remembers the horrible injustices and genocide against our people, but also recognises and is fighting against the CURRENT genocide of our people, at the hands of the International Bankers, who are destroying Greek families. 

 This is a silent genocide, where the International Bankers have crippled Greek families, making it near impossible for Greeks to support children. As a result, our abortion rate has sky rocketed, and our fertility rate has dwindled far beyond replacement levels as Greek families struggle to make ends meet. At this rate, the poverty and misery ravaging Greece will see us eventually slowly becoming extinct as a race, making Nationalism a priority for a proud people who have been strangled by the Globalist System. 

This week, we payed our respects to our lost Pontian brothers & sisters who suffered at the hands of the genocidal Turks, but also continued to spread our message for a free & sovereign Greece. 

The Pontian survivors who managed to start a new life in Greece can only start to think – they have already lost one homeland, & given the traitors who continue to sell off our fatherland today, are they prepared to lose another home? Our message is one of the resilience, we will never stop our struggle for self-preservation, and our history as a people has proven this.



  1. Good work!!! Keep it up for HELLAS


  3. this is great activism. you make me all very proud to be GREEK.they can silence you on the air or defame you with their terrible proppaganda. but how can they stop us on the streets? the people are with you. if we take our message directly to the people they will side with us. looking forward to more work like this.


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