Thursday, 4 May 2017

23 Cuts to Pensioners in Just 7 Years!

Is anyone really shocked? Since the implementation of the memorandum by our treacherous politicians, our elderly have seen a total of 23 cuts to their pension in just 7 years!

Neither New Democracy nor Syriza have done anything to protect our most vulnerable, and instead they have openly collaborated with the International Bankers who are raping and pillaging Greece. The Greek people voted proudly to not give in to the global loan sharks, yet Tsipras defied their wishes and continued down the failed path of supporting the cancerous Troika. The end result has been the continued suffering of our senior citizens, many of whom are veterans and proud grand parents to a generation of Hellenes who have bene born into complete economic misery.

While Golden Dawn remains illegally stripped entirely of our parliamentary funding, we have supported thousands of Greek families across Greece & Cyprus, providing clothing, food, medical supplies and other resources to assist Greeks who are most in need. Our efforts have proudly extended to the elderly, including Australian supporters of Golden Dawn who personally sponsor countless Greek elders with monthly contributions.

Meanwhile, Syriza and New Democracy have only so far extended their charitable and humanitarian efforts to the 3rd world invaders, many of whom are not from countries that have seen any recent wars, and provide them with former hotels and apartments to accommodate their occupation.

It is obvious that what followed the memorandum has not only been the decline of living standards for pensioners, but also mass employment for our youth, and a drop in job security and wages for working families.   We need to hold our corrupt politicians accountable for enabling this global financial shut down on our nation, and make Greeks once again the priority of Greece. 

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