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Golden Dawn's 5 Year Anniversary - Political Struggle for the People of Geece

6 May 2012 -6 May 2017 Golden Dawn’s Five Year Political Struggle in the Parliament

On the afternoon of the 6th of May 2012 the co-ordinated, unethical and dishonourable attacks of the corrupt ruling system against the Popular Nationalist Movement came up against the iron clad will of the Hellenic People, who with decisive unselfishness roared: Golden Dawn to clean up Greece!

The nationalist triumph in the federal elections of the sixth of May 2012, the result of a titanic Political Struggle under difficult conditions, was sealed with the famous VENI VIDI VICI from the leader of Golden Dawn Nikos Michaloliakos amidst a climate of barely contained enthusiasm of the fighting Hellenic youth. However the victory of the nationalists and the sorely tested Hellenic nation sounded the alarm for those responsible for the misfortune of the Hellenes, in other words, for those who profit from the economic haemorrhaging of their compatriots. Golden Dawn’s attitude to the execution of it’s parliamentary responsibilities, was explained by the Leader during his first media appearance that afternoon:

“The time has come for those who betray this nation to be afraid”

The ruling system immediately responded, working to contain the threat to its considerable economic interests that are actually the fruits of the result of the labour of the Hellenic people. The announcement of new elections for June 2012 and the intervening month of ceaseless mud-slinging and slander against the movement of the Hellenic nationalists were imperative, so that the voters could “correct” their “mistake”. Unfortunately for them, almost half a million Hellenes refused to fall into line with the unconstitutional demands of the so-called “anti-fascist” coalition. Golden Dawn wasn’t a choice of hopelessness, but the ultimate battle of the Hellenic people for National Freedom and Social Justice!

From the platform of the Parliament, the parliamentary team of the Popular Association Golden Dawn represented in the best possible manner 500,000 Hellenes, provoking the anger of the national traitors of the governing coalition of Samaras-Venizelos and the other political parties. The systematic journalistic slander against Golden Dawn could only be explained as a medal of honour for the political straggle of the movement in the service of the fatherland and the nation.

The Hellenic nation for its part, acknowledging the true and pure struggle of the Hellenic nationalists, warmly embraced their nation-wide efforts: up until the summer of 2013 Golden Dawn were on the lips of every Hellene who was experiencing the heartlessness of an internationalist anti-Hellenic government that was only striving to satisfy the international lenders and Merkel. According to all the polls at the time, Golden Dawn would have received in excess of 15% of votes from the electorate.

This sent the coalition of the corrupt and their international masters into emergency mode. Their response was the illegal and unconstitutional political prosecution against the majority of the parliamentary team, executive and friends of the movement. It was the climax of the ruling system’s contempt towards the free will of the Hellenic people.

In the political frame-up which was invented by Samaras and a handful of ministers in cooperation with certain judges and in the unconstitutional decision to withhold government funding to a legally elected political party, Golden Dawn responded with an enthusiastic and tireless political Struggle which has placed the Popular National Movement as the third political power in the country.

Golden Dawn came to the parliament, representing hundreds of thousands of Hellenes. It didn’t blend in with the corruption, it didn’t bow down and that’s why it’s being ruthlessly persecuted. It has already been justified in the eyes of the people as innocent, all that remains is the judicial decision of innocence so that the prosecution of the conspirators can begin.

In September of 2015 there were new federal elections after the referendum of SYRIZA changed the “NO” of the Hellenic people into a humiliating “YES” to the lenders. Another new victory for Golden Dawn: again it remained the third political power with a higher percentage than that of January.

In May of 2012 Golden Dawn won over 7% of Hellenes and for the first time, a nationalist movement in Hellas had elected representatives in parliament. Those who, in the name of international system have driven our nation into the ground and are selling it out, believed it was all a bad dream, a nightmare that would soon be over. They were wrong!

In May 2017, we mark five years of Golden Dawn – literally against all, remaining the third political power in the hearts of Hellenes. They try by any means possible to silence the voice of Truth, but they won’t succeed. Golden Dawn has come to stay and it will stay, so they better get used to it. In the worst case scenario for them, it will become a myth- the myth of the Freedom of the Nation from foreign occupation.

Five years of struggle and sacrifice have steeled the nationalist consciousness and has magnified the iron might of Hellenic will for Freedom and Justice.

We’re moving without rest on an uneven playing field for the defence of the rights of the Nation and of the Hellenic fatherland, side by side with those who have been deliberately impoverished by the puppet governments of the money lenders and international usurers.

Our judges are not the corrupt TV and newspaper journalists or the corrupt career politicians of the “democratic” coalition, but the Unborn and the Dead of our Great Nation! 

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