Saturday, 6 May 2017

Golden Dawn Australia

Greek Patriots across Australia regrouped earlier today to renew our ongoing plans to support the People's Nationalist movement in Greece.

This week marked the 5th anniversary of Golden Dawn's entrance into Parliament, a struggle that has seen the entire system throw everything from slander, illegal confiscation of our funding, murder, intimidation, prison and a jointed propaganda effort by the establishment's paid servants in the mainstream media. Local members spoke of the hardship faced by not only Nationalist activists and their families at the hands of the murderous state, but also the fate of ordinary Greeks who continue to be financial crippled by the economic crisis.

Golden Dawn members in Australia discussed our continued efforts in supporting Nationalists, including how to spread awareness among Hellenes in Australia about the situation in Greece, our future excursions overseas to support Golden Dawn on the ground in Greece, as well other initiatives to assist the National struggle in both Australia and the broader Greek diaspora.

Depending on the outcome of tomorrow's election, the situation in France may unfold in a way that could spell the very soon end of the EU as we know it, which will have immediate consequences for the traitors who currently control Greece. Regardless if the EU falls tomorrow or in decades to come, Greek-Australians will support our movement for a free and sovereign Greece.

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