Monday, 8 May 2017

Clueless ANTIFA Accuses Turk Business Owner of Supporting Golden Dawn!

COMMUNISM - "It's never been tried", they say...

We haven’t had to hire many comedians in the Nationalist movement, as the Laughable-Left provides us an endless stream of hysteria while they struggle to remain relevant in the current year.

It’s been over 5 weeks since our first paper run in Sydney, and nearly 3 weeks since we uploaded the photos online. Only now are the pathetic AntiFa starting to catch up, scratching their heads over the weekend to explain why we were so warmly received by ordinary Greeks in suburban Sydney, with over 120 newspapers circulated within the hour. A bit slow there, aren't you, AntiFa? It's almost as if the commies are running on what Hilary Clinton would call 'colored people time'!

Their first conclusion was that we were supported by some kind of business, forcing them to jump to irrational conclusions before properly seeking out the facts. As usual, they act first… then think.

Like watching a dog chase its own tail, infamous Anarcho-Cuckold from Melbourne, Sickbastard, accused the local business Mastika of being a ‘go-to café for Greek Neo-Nazis in Sydney’. Antifa morons followed the lead and began demanding a total BOYCOTT of Mastika Café, as well the usual ‘name and shame’, with some anarchists suggesting that the business's windows need to be smashed!

No one in Golden Dawn has ever been a customer of Mastika, let alone receiving any 'support' from a business we have zero dealings with. We just simply dropped off some papers to the Greek locals who where nearby, but of course, the AntiFa supposedly know better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

'Neo-Nazi Cafes'? We can only imagine what goes on his mind...
He's a sick bastard, ladies and gentlemen

Hey Gettler, you also support the promotion 
of perversion to little school children? 
Who could of guessed! 

Nazi Propaganda in the current year? SMDH. 

Name & Shame!

'Boycott those businesses'!

Very subtle, chump

As it turns out, the café was not in cahoots with Golden Dawn (as the Anarchists assumed) and the business was in fact owned by a Turk! Do they need anymore definitive proof that this business was clearly not supporting us?

Ofcourse, the Marxist Clown Show of Sickbastard and Co then tried to backtrack in order to save face after their obvious blunder, and began lecturing the random Turk on how not to support Golden Dawn. Apparently, this is a real thing, where the far left feel they need to lecture their pets on how not to support patriarchy, xenophobia and what ever other sensationalism they can conjure up. It’s about as believable as watching a leftist try to explain to a Palestinian why he shouldn’t support the terrorist state of Israel.

Newsflash AntiFa: Turkish business owners don't support Golden Dawn. What do they teach you at those upper middle class private schools, anyway?

Yucel... the most typical Greek Shop Keeper's name!

Like trying to lecture the Saudis about sand

Why can't the far left just admit they are wrong?

It's always puzzled us how the far left is simply unable to admit they were wrong. You'd think they would find greener pastures after the fall of the Soviet Union (and virtually every other communist state), yet they refuse to reflect. Instead, they hold their head high in ignorance and declare that COMMUNISM HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED.

Can they even begin to comprehend how ridiculous they sound when they accuse a Muslim Turk of colluding with Golden Dawn? We have no relationship to Mastika, nor any other business in the area. Yet again, they just double down on their ludicrous claims & begin to fight among themselves and the more sensible voices of reason that can plainly see how ridiculous they look. The below shows just how fragile the Left is, totally lacking the ability to reflect on a hasty and poor conclusion even after the facts show they are obviously wrong.

In the face of facts that contradict their false conclusions, the left instead become even more paranoid and double down on their witch hunt with no survivors.

"Hold on, other owners are nice Turkish People"

Leftist Logic: Erdogan supporters 4 Golden Dawn!

"I can't believe to describe how idiotic it is accusing
Turkish Muslims of being affiliated with Golden Dawn"

Our Offer to the Far Left

Perhaps instead of boycotting random Turkish businesses, you can instead focus your energies on pushing your own International message into Greek neighborhoods. We recommend rounding up all the short blue haired, bull nose ringed feminists to perform a Slut Walk down Burwood Rd, in Belmore. We are positive it will be well received!

Maybe get as many beta-male university kids to demand more Somali & Syrian refugees in the local Greek neighborhood. Perhaps get them to also hand out pamphlets to old Greek ladies promoting Sam-Sex marriage and safe schools? We actually found the perfect specimen on Sickbastard's page, who goes by the name of Lee Brenton.

"You don't even look tough"
Lee Brenton is the perfect poster boy of Marxism, he has your typical Chin-Less, Beta-Cuck face and apparently wants to know when he can shoot 'fascists'. We'll let you decide what his Wife's Son thinks of him, maybe he's tougher than he looks?


Let’s see how popular your rootless ideology is in the ‘market place of ideas’ & lets compare it to the reception we received with our message for free & sovereign Nationalist Greece!

The truth is that Golden Dawn is a GRASSROOTS movement, we are supported by the people, not businesses, be they Greek, Turkish (lol) or otherwise. We don’t require the blessings of Wall Street or George Soros like the ‘Radical Left’, we are an organic movement that has no connection to the business world. It’s why we are genuine and will never sell out our ideology. The same can not be said for the Champagne Socialists of the left, or the endless NGOs that support Marxist Open Boarders to further the needs of international capitalism.



  2. This isn't the 1st time these terrorists have attacked innocent ppl. business owners who have nothing to do with politics are always at the mercy of the left and their media apparatuses. if you are a christian baker, you must make cakes celebrating gay marriage. if you don't, you are racist and will be boycotted!!! they are incapable of live and let be. they are attack dogs and nothing else!

  3. Is this Lee Benton trying to be ironic when he talks about looking tough? Complete malaka. Antifascism is Antinormality

  4. Slackbastard has no idea

    What a complete dumb shit


    Look how hopeless our enemies are, they are all laughable. Nothing but a bunch of ANTI-GREEK criminals.


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