Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Hundreds of Greeks Protest the Construction of Athenian Mosque

The Greek government, which is currently ignoring the 3+ million Greeks who are on the verge of complete poverty, is busy accommodating the uninvited Islamic invaders who require a new temple in their newly occupied lands.
Using the funds of Greek tax payers, the Syriza Anti-Hellenic Regime is using an old Naval base to become the site of a newly created Mosque, which (for unexplained reasons) will supposedly even help prevent future attempted terrorist attacks. This totally contradicts the fact that European countries with literally hundreds (if not, thousands) of Mosques, such as France & Belgium have seen hundreds of Europeans die in the latest round of terrorist attacks.
Greek Nationalists assembled once again to protest the construction of the mosque, as many of us still remember the brutal Islamic occupation that ruled our land for over 400 years

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