Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Erdogan's explicit plans to rebuild the Ottoman Empire

The Neo-Ottoman tyrant of Turkey, Erdogan, has brazenly declared his intentions to invade neighbouring countries in order to restore the former bloodthirsty empire that is responsible for a host of problems in the Eastern Mediterranean, problems that still plague the region till this day.

While speaking at a Turkish University, Erdogan proclaimed that ‘Turkey isn't just Turkey’, and stated that apart from the 79 million citizens of modern Turkey, there are ‘hundreds of thousands of brothers’ who live outside of Turkey’s current borders. This is a direct reference to the Slavic speaking Muslims of Western Thrace (a region in Northern Greece), who are not Turkish, but currently under cultural attack from Ankara to assimilate to their rootless Turko-Mongol identity in order to take over Greek territory. 

Erdogan’s territorial claims went beyond Western Thrace, and included large parts of Greece (including our Thessaloniki & many Aegean Islands), as well as Azerbaijan, Syria, Cyprus, Bulgaria & Iraq. 

While the self-styled Sultan tried to brush away the Treaty of Lausanne, and used it to justify a referendum in our Thrace, Erdogan claimed that he was ‘under threat’ at the 350km border with Iraq, which some how justified his annexation of Mosul. It looks as though military might is certainly an option for Erdogan’s territorial expansion, and yet the US & EU are happy to declare Assad a dictator for wishing to maintain his existing borders, while Turkey is our great ally who can do no wrong.

The World Doesn't need More Turks, Let Alone another Ottoman Empire

Fact: Many of the ethnic and religious problems in the Balkans and the Middle East are a result of Turko-Mongol intrusion in the region.

John Lennon’s leftist utopia is simply a ridiculous pipe-dream at best, it’s much more realistic to ‘imagine’ a world without Turks, or at least a world where they remained roaming the steppes of Central Asia as nomadic tribesman. Imagine a world where the gateway between Europe and the Middle East (Asia Minor) was still inhabited by Christian Greeks.
  • Without Turks, there’d be no ‘Muslim Bosnians’ or ‘Muslim Albanians’ in the Balkans. No Kosovo or Yugoslav civil war
  • A world without the Pontian, Armenian & Assyrian genocides
  • A Europe that isn’t been blackmailed by Turks who are sending through millions of Middle Eastern invaders into the continent
  • German cities would still be German, without the millions of welfare leaches that plague the nation
  • No Australians dead at Gallipoli
  • Constantinople would still be a beacon of European & Christian civilisation
  • A united and free Cyprus, free of illegal Turkish occupation
Other than war, bloodshed, unnecessary religious tension, and geo-political troubles, what exactly have the Turks contributed to the West? Their invasion of our historical homelands have only escalated unnecessary and bitter tribal hostilities, and have developed a host of complex ethnic and religious troubles in the Eastern Mediterranean. Erdogan’s speech of expanding Turkey should be treated as a threat to European civilisation, yet the cucks who run our establishment are quick to cover for the Mongol Warlord, without respect for our sovereignty and national integrity.

Turkey’s Future Isn’t So Bright

Turkey has been playing a dangerous geo-political chess game for decades, first allying themselves with the NATO/Washington/Tel-Aviv axis, while simultaneously trying to run an ultra-Nationalist regime, which has come at the expense of minorities, political dissidents and the media. Obviously the powers that be haven’t taken a liking to Turkey’s horrendous ‘human rights’ record, and not because they genuinely care, but because it makes them look hypocritical for counting such a nation as their allie. 

The failed coup, which was unusually convenient for Erdogan, may provide the necessary justification to make himself an executive president, and essentially a de-facto neo-monarch of Turkey.

The pressure has caused Turkey’s entry to the EU to become delayed, which again becomes further complicated with their direct involvement in the funding and training of jihadists in Syria. Who would of thought trying to balance Islamic Extremism and Western Liberalism could be so difficult? Now Turkey has been forced to back track on their aggression against Russia, and has started to move closer towards Moscow in a bid to expand their influence in the region.

Putin is certainly nobody’s fool, and Turkey’s questionable allegiance and dirty tricks may soon blow up in their face. As Turkey’s living standards rise, so to did their desire to emulate modern European society. This partial liberalisation of Turkish society has been coupled with the massive number of Kurds who are clearly out-breeding the Turks in their own nation, and now Turkey could soon be a Kurdish majority within just a few generations. This could change the game all together in a future civil war scenario, as the Kurds may begin to assert themselves as they become a growing force in Turkey’s politics.

While Erdogan talks tough on rebuilding the Ottoman Empire, the future of his nation which was built on the Soil & Blood of great European civilisations may soon come full circle, as we see the return of Nationalism in the West.


  1. This is so exciting. Elder Saint PAISIOS prophecies are coming true ww3 is almost here. GO GOLDEN DAWN defeat the ZOG of GREECE.

  2. Keep dreaming you Mongol Dog.It's pay back time.We have waited for 563 years to make you pay for your crimes over the centuries.You will lose everything that you have stolen from other civilisations who have been in the region far longer than you.The United Orthodox Christians of the New Byzantium with it's capital in Constantinople will send all of you Turkish pigs back to Central Asia again.Get ready to embrace the Stone Age!


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