Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Wikileaks: The Clinton Mafia sided with International Bankers & Tsipras against the Greeks

Known sexual predator Bill Clinton, one of only 2 US President’s to ever be impeached, was recently discovered to play a role in influencing Tsipra’s decision to sell out Greece to the International Bankers.

Looking back at the last Greek elections, Tsipras was trusted with the popular vote of the Greeks on a platform of explicitly ending the austerity measures which has crippled Greece. Tsipras not only turned back on his promise after taking office, but also held a referendum in which 61% of Greeks voted to block the memorandum, to which Tsipras signed anyway.

Many people wondered why Tsipras made such a cowardly move against the will of the Greek people. Is he a stooge of the international bankers, and was this the plan all along, or did something happen shortly after the elections? Conspiracies circulated about death threats against Tsipra’s family, none of which had a shred of evidence to back them up.

The simple truth is that Tsipras is a loyal member to the handful of elites who enact the politics of International financers, as the latest Podesta email reveals the following:

‘i’m on a train and hard to talk by phone. White House asked me whether WJC had enough of a relationship with PM Tsipras to call him and counsel him to make a deal
. Can you ask him whether that’s in the realm of possibility. If yes, I can talk to him after I’m off the train and explain their thinking and what they are hoping to accomplish. Thanks’.

'WJC’ refers to William Jefferson Clinton, whose correspondent replied with the following:

‘He says yes, but he’d need a lot more info than he has now. His immediate question is – are we pushing Merkle too? What time will you be available to talk? They have Charlotte, so just need to be able to give a heads up’

It obviously doesn’t take much for Tsipras to sell out his blood and soil, a few taps on the back by a bunch of political has-beens is enough to make him spit in the face of his own nation.

More emails soon surfaced, this time dealing with Obama’s Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, who was discussing the Greek debt issue with Bill Clinton’s Foreign Policy Advisor, Amitabh Desai. Desai writes:

We've been in close touch with Merkel's folks this week in advance of WJC's Bosnia visit and given Merkel's visit to Bosnia earlier this week - so it would be an innocuous and easy lift - if a nudge to Merkel is needed - to have WJC call Merkel on basis of checking in for guidance on Bosnia and then  casually asking her about Greece on the back end”.

McDonough replies:

“We would welcome a nudge to the Chancellor in the way you suggest. If you all have time tomorrow AM in Srebrenica, we now do/do think a call to PM Tsipras would also be very helpful”. 

As we can see, the sovereignty of the Greeks and their popular vote was simply overridden by the will of the Washington Establishment, who took the side of the bankers over the Greek people. Can’t say we are surprised, can we?

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