Friday, 11 March 2016

Ethnic replacement already happening in a flash - E.U. capital Brusselstan is 1/4 Moslem

Please view this short news clip by CBN news.  
It shows startling statistics about the European Union capital of Brussels which are:
-  Brussels is already 1/4 Moslem
-  Islam is already the largest religion in Brussels
-  By approximately 2030, Moslems will be the majority of inhabitants in Brussels, if demographic trends continue at the the current rate.

This is also similar to statistics in the UK, which show that at the current rate, by the year 2066, indigenous White Britons will become a minority in their own homeland, due to the mass influx of 3rd world immigrants and the high breeding rate of these migrants. Don't believe us? Check out the City of London, which since 2013, has already seen White Britons become a minority in their own capital city.

These statistics fly in the face of liberals and pro-immigrant lobbyists, who claim that the 3rd World hordes coming into Europe will simply live peaceful and cause no noticeable or negative change to Europe.  This scenario shows just how quickly these Middle Eastern and African immigrants can replace Indigenous Europeans, even in their own homeland - until the so called 'minorities' become the majority and gain control of towns, cities or even the country they are inhabiting.  

Once this happens, the liberals and Antifa, who demanded that more immigrants and diversity be allowed to come into their country, will quickly find they will no longer remain welcome by these Moslems, once Moslems gain a large minority or majority in these countries.  And many of these liberals and Antifa, who are made of society outcasts, such as radical feminists, degenerates, dykes, dope heads, transsexuals, and the very liberal minded - In other words, the very same people the Moslems hate, and even stone to death back in their country, will quickly feel the wrath of these Moslems who will turn on these lefties, for their degeneracy.  

These ''Anti-Racist'' Liberals that demand that White countries open up their borders and let themselves get ethnically replaced, are in fact the racist ones - not us.  Why? Because while ''Anti-Racist'' liberals have no issue with African nations, Arab nations, or Asian nations not opening their borders to a large extent and preserving their culture, identity and race, these same liberals DEMAND that White country's completely open their borders and nations, and allow themselves to be slowly ethnically and culturally replaced.   This shows their bias against White people and White countries, & therefore showing these ''Anti-Racist'' liberals are in fact racist against White people. 

As we've said, ''Anti-Racist'' is code word for being ''Anti-White''.

Article by XA Melbourne

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