Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Upcoming EU Summit on refugees: Greece will become a subsidised dumping ground for illegals

Today, a European Summit on Refugees will take place, with Angela Merkel claiming an outright 'breakthrough', despite the fact they are still on track in demographically replacing Germans with 3rd world invaders.

With Turkey's presence, the summit is little more than a spectacle for the masses, with EU posturing against Turkey being nothing more than pantomime for every day Europeans concerned about the latest invasion. No such sanctions have been placed on Turkey for blackmailing Europe into releasing billions of Euros, nor have any sanctions been placed on Turkey following their un-democratic crackdown on an independent media outlet, for legitimately questioning the criminal state of Erdogan.

This week, the Austrian newspaper 'Der Standard' noted that within the next week, we will see the closing of the 'route to the Western Balkans', implying that there will be agreement to continue sealing the borders between Greece and FYROM. This was also confirmed by French paper 'Le Figaro', meaning our predictions will prove true, as Greece becomes a dumping ground for Syria's undesirables, mostly military age Sunni men.

The likely outcome as suggested will be the economic 'cooperation' of the EU, supporting Greece financially in order to take the refugee bullet on behalf of the West. By subsidising the upcoming hot spots springing up around the country, Greece will become a dumping ground for stranded refugees, financed by the Brussels, who will leave indigenous Greeks starving while illegal invaders remain accommodated on our ancient land.

The recent heat Merkel is facing is in answer to her coordinated self-invasion plot, which is beginning to take its political toll, meaning Merkel may need to slow down the invasion in Germany to save her own career as Chancellor. While the push is to share the burden of refugees with broader EU states, Greece being a subjugated-subordinate state will take the burden, as Eastern European states refuse to take part in the accepting of Muslim invaders. Time will tell if Merkel will coordinate a new strategy to orchestrate Germany's demographic suicide, as they save face following the latest open borders blunder which has now all but collapsed.


  1. What is H.A. waiting for? The only way to gain power is by force. Take over the government and media outlets, if H.A. is going about it DEMOCRATICALLY, the country will be lost. You cant win in these elections.

  2. What have these traitors done to my beautiful Greece?In the past before Greece joined the European Union,the country might of been poor but at least it still had it's Greek character and all it's traditions.I used to travel to Greece in the past quite regularly because of my love for everything Greek.Now I don't travel there so often because when I go there and I see all this illegal garbage infesting the towns,cities and country side of Greece it makes me angry and it makes my heart cry out in despair.These political traitors of all ruling parties have betrayed our glorious ancestors who fought to the death to protect their home from any invasion.

  3. Prepare the "EULOGY"!!!GREECE IS DEAD. I have a great idea all those INVADERS are bringing there culture and traditions to GREECE, the Greek government should gather up all the stray DOGS, AND CATS from the streets or anyone giving away free liters do to the economic crisis in GREECE and feed the needy people so as the Greek should not be troubled with the bill and live side by side. PERNOUN TA SKOUPIDIA KAI TA RIXNOUN STIN ELLADA. H.A. SUPPORTER!!!