Friday, 11 March 2016

OUTRAGE - Golden Dawn EU parliament member, Lieutenant General Eleftherios Synadinos, kicked out of the ''democratic'' EU parliament


"For the first time in the history of the European Parliament, a politician was asked to leave the session of the Plenum.

Martin Schulz kicked out of the session of the European Parliament, Golden Dawn‘s politician, Eleftherio Synadinos. The reason behind this is Synadinos’ insertion regarding the refugee and migrant issue as he said that “as Ottoman scientists have written, Turks are barbarians and dirty, they are like dogs that bark and when the enemy comes back they flee.”

The president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, expelled the mp, explaining that his decision was in accordance with the article 165 of the EU. “It is a blatant violation of human rights upon which the EU is unswerving and bows to. (Here), there is an effort to outflank the red lines, so that racism becomes acceptable. But this is not happening from me,” Schulz said.

“So, according to article 165 of the regulation, in combination with article 11, mister Synadinos is excluded immediately from the session and the chamber,” Schulz explained".

While Golden Dawn are often accused by ''democrats'' of being fascist, these hypocritical ''democrats'' show that democracy only applies to those who agree with them, as we've already seen with Yiannis Lagos being kicked out of Greek parliament for having a view the establishment disagrees with. Outrageously, EU parliament president Martin Schulz, kicked out the Golden Dawn parliament member for correctly remarking that:

''A Turk is like a dog that acts fiercely but runs away when he has to fight the enemy" and argued that "the fist and decisiveness is the only way to handle Turks''.

While Martin Schulz doesn't have to agree with Lieutenant General Synadinos, he obviously shows his true ''democratic'' colors and hypocrisy by removing him from the chamber, for saying something that Schulz disagrees with. Oh, and when Eleftherio Synadino tries to reply to Martin Schulz, and voice his disagreement, the ''democrat'' Martin Schulz quickly does away with that ''pesky thing called free democratic speech'', by saying ''There will be no debate on this, you have to leave the chamber.'' 

While this action and behavior is not surprising by these ''democrats'', what's ironic is that it's these same politicians who call Golden Dawn ''authoritarian'' and ''fascist'', yet when someone who's popularity is a threat, disagrees with them, quickly these ''democrats'' do away with that ''pesky rubbish called free democratic speech'', and censor them - While the next minute go back to once again talking about freedom and democracy. 

Article by XA Melbourne



  2. It's not surprising Martin Schulz,that four eyed turd,told the General to leave the room.Since WW1 the Germans were always in bed with these goat herders from Central Asia.I hope Martin Schulz will say thank you to Turkey for infesting Europe with illegal garbage that has contributed to Germany's crime wave.

  3. There isn't a democracy only the veneer of a democracy. They say democracy falls apart in times of crisis. This isn't necessarily totally true. Its just the veneer of a democracy gets stripped away. The illusion of free will. I always remember an interview with an ex CIA agent. He was asked, if the middle east destabilizes to such an extent that it is all out war what would America do in Saudi Arabia. His reply was simple. He said (to praphrase slightly "we would drop the guise of fighting for freedom and democracy and simply drop our troops into Saudi Arabia and secure the oil fields"

  4. You're a man that speaks the truth general. Keep at it.
    We fully support you.