Saturday, 4 July 2015

Why we say OXI - NO to the Usurers, NO to Syriza

The NO vote from the Greek people that is coming this Sunday is a clear refusal of any attempt to create a new memorandum, whether it is issued by the usurers, or the Syriza government.

Tsipras’s public announcement regarding his intentions in the face of a YES or NO vote leave little to the imagination, as he plans to stay in the EU & sign a new memorandum, regardless. All Tsipras wants is to sign Greece’s sovereignty away with as little blame to himself as possible, hence his manufactured media circus.

The so called ‘Greek Proposal’ which he has offered the Troika is an agreement to almost all of their humiliating austerity terms, with the exception of some lower taxes for the Island tourism industry, and to begin phasing out early retirement in October, rather than immediately. Tsipras cares not for the fact that under his agreement, the so called ‘Greek proposal’ is insignificantly different to the austerity we endured the Samaras regime, and still leaves Greece as a tributary state to the usurers, burdened with an endless debt we can never realistically pay off.

The NO vote, regardless of how Tsipras manipulates the wording, is a clear message from the Greek people, to say we don’t stand for another memorandum, neither from the Troika, or from Tsipras. Syriza used his stooge Varoufakis to close the banks, with distressing images of endless queues of retired elderly people left with only a few euros to survive.

Now Syriza has turn around and said this is the fault of the lenders, despite the fact it was they who gave the orders to shut down the banks.  There may be some truth here, as it was Syriza which signed the agreement on the 20th of February, and has since been paying the whole time their monthly tribute to the usurers, while scraping the bottom of the barrel from every treasury and public coffer, causing the money to dry up at a rate that was clearly unsustainable in the lead up to this known disaster.

The closure of banks was an insult to the Greeks, limiting withdrawals to the shameful amount of 60 EUR. Are we to believe that they had no idea that the machines would be unable to consistently produce 60 euros, when the 20s and 10s all but ran out, thus leaving people with 40 or 50 euros. Perhaps a struggling family with bills to pay and kids to feed may not have a rich construction tycoon for a father like Tsipras, and getting by on 40 euros a day is putting an even greater burden on the already impoverished working class.  It’s not just ignorance, it’s creating a climate of fear, so Syriza can sign away the new memorandum, while holding their hands up high and say ‘you told us to sign it’.

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