Friday, 3 July 2015

Rising from the Grave - Simitis & Karamanlis tell Greeks to vote YES to the International Bankers

Having destroyed the foundations of Greece, dissolving national manufacturing, and draining the public coffers, Costas Simitis (former PASOK Prime Minister of Greece) has reappeared from the ruins to tell the Greek people to vote yes in order to avoid what he explains is an almost 'impending doom'. Having sold our country out to the usurers many years ago, this charlatan has now returned from the grave to order the Greeks to reaccept the memorandum, and to finalise what he sought out to do many years ago; the complete enslavement of Greece to the international loan sharks.

To assist Mr. Simitis, the system has also called upon the help of Costas Karamanlis (former New Democracy Prime Minister), who also helped destroy the Greek economy by turning it into a non-producing Banana Republic. Together, these two zombies, who are supposedly political ‘left’ and ‘right’ enemies, now stand united in their burning desire to see Greece remain a tributary state, paying with every last drop of blood to the bankers.

These 2 kleptocrats are not only responsible for the mess Greece is in today (along with Papandreou) by selling off our nation, but also responsible for their ongoing propaganda war that continues to black mail the Greek people with their scare tactics. Using their paid media outlets, from the major broadcasters and newspapers that largely shape public opinion, the system has called upon their friends in the church, universities, and celebrities to urge the Greek people to sign up to an unpayable debt that will further run our nation into decline.

Just as Plato has warned us, the Oligarchy degenerates into Democracy, and the same Oligarchs that unjustly ruled our land, now use the power of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ to manipulate the masses through their untold wealth and influence. The capitalists use their paid propagandist in every strata of our society, along with Tsipras freezing the banks, to create a climate of fear that forces the Greeks to sign away their sovereignty. The dictatorship of the wealthy elite stands for their own pesonal gain, while they sell off our fatherland to the bankers. 

The NO vote sends a very strong message from the Greek people to the usurers, and if Tsipras continues to sign Greece away to more austerity in the face of a NO majority, it will be a sign of the turmoil to come- should Syriza continue on their path to the next memorandum. 

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  1. Where is Zepherus? We need a new wind from the West, and must create a parallel world, complete with matching institutions.



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