Monday, 6 July 2015

Clear message to the Usurers - We don't want your memorandum

The Greeks have stood firm in the face of threats and blackmail, and sent a clear message to the International loan sharks; OXI! Nobody knew or cared what Juncker had to propose, beyond the fact it was another memorandum issued under English Law, designed to crush our sovereignty and bleed us of every last drop for the bankers.

The response of the Greeks people was overwhelming, despite Syriza trying desperately to distort the mandate. The Greek people, as it stands, raised a 62% majority for the NO vote. Hellenes clearly ignored the sirens of terror from the television, newspaper and radio channels, controlled by the same media moguls and former politicians that profit from Greece’s subjugated state.

The ATM & grocery queues, though distressing, showed that despite hard times ahead, it is better to see a free Greece with hope, than to be forever on our knees to the usurers. The austerity measures have led to thousands of suicides, with millions of Greeks who have now ventured beyond the poverty lines. This has been an unjustly punishment for the fault of our corrupt elite who sold out our nation- a terrible crime which can never be forgiven.

More importantly, the NO vote has been so strong, that Tsipras is now treading on very thin ice, should he continue to pursue his agenda of signing another memorandum. It is likely that the poor articulation of the referendum question was not a mistake, and Tsipras may use this ‘technicality’ to sign Greece to new austerity measures, with slightly different, yet meaningless terms. There is no room here to interpret the result to his own liking, as the NO was not just to the Troika’s proposal, but to any austerity measures, be they from the usurers or Tsipras himself. 

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