Friday, 17 July 2015

Updates from HQ - July 2015

We’ve been flooded with emails over the last few days, particularly about the court trial, as well as some other topics relating to Greece & Golden Dawn. We will do our best to provide in this article a quick update on what is happening on the ground in Greece. 

The Trial – The English MSM, as well as the Greek media, have done their best to play down the trial. To summarise the trial to date, it is fair to say the system is doing everything in its power to prolong the proceedings, and draw out the entire event for the specific reason of keeping Golden Dawn out of the public view.
The trial for the most part has little to no evidence to offer a proper conviction to Golden Dawn parliamentarians, and the courts know this. For this reason, the judiciary system is using every possible trick in the book to adjourn and delay the trial dates, extending the case further and further for the sole purpose of slowing down Golden Dawn’s activism.

Golden Dawn has publicly stated that they wish the trial to be televised live, a request that has been denied by the courts. It is in the interests of the system to use the trial as a weapon to keep the Nationalist leadership occupied while all the parties rush to approve the 3rd memorandum. The trial, having no chance of landing any real charges, is nothing more than a systemic harassment and distraction to keep the only true revolutionary party out of the public view.

As of now, more Golden Dawn comrades have been released from Gaol, with Kasidiaris, Iliopolous and Germenis released from prison this month, leaving only Nikos Kouzelos still behind bars (expected to be released towards the end of this year).
The memorandum – To date, the majority of Syriza, PASOK, The River, and New Democracy MPs are in support of approving the memorandum. Although Kammenos of the Independent Greeks has criticized the memorandum, he has pledged not to resign or withdraw his support for the coalition, thus like in the case of the citizenship bill, doing absolutely nothing to stand up for what he claims to believe in, despite having the power to stop it.

Golden Dawn is the only party in its entirety that will vote against the 3rd memorandum. Given the number of paid sell outs in the Greek parliament, it is more than likely the memorandum will pass, and Greece will become an occupied vassal state to the international bankers.

Update 17.07.15 - It appears the Independent Greeks have now supported the memorandum by voting yes earlier this week. Another complete sell out party, no different to Syriza.

Syriza – Although Golden Dawn is the only party that will stand against the memorandum, there is a handful of MPs from Syriza ‘left faction’ who have pledged to vote against it. Although not significant enough to stop the memorandum from passing, it does show that Tsipras is starting to lose more and more of his support base from within his own party.  As Greece continues to fall further and further into economic misery, both his public and party support will continue decline, with the possibility of early elections in the near future.

Golden Dawn – The Nationalists are still very active, and despite the court trial, the Golden Dawn continues to move forward during these desperate times. Meetings around the country continue to take place, as well as public demonstrations, food drives, and other charitable events to assist Greeks during this time of need.

The media has learnt that constantly attacking Golden Dawn can often have the opposite desired  effect, with the non-stop sensationalism helping the party build its support, particularly around election time. Since 2014, the MSM has tried a new tactic, that of ignoring Golden Dawn in an effort to pretend they don’t even exist. Although there is the occasional smear article, Golden Dawn receives virtually little to no air time, and continue to be deprived of a public voice.

Although this tactic is somewhat more effective than the constant media attacks it received during the 2012-213 period, it still provides a platform for the Nationalists who are active through alternative media. Unfortunately for the MSM, the Golden Dawn continue to be very active on the street level, and word is continuing to spread very quickly about the only austerity party in Greece.  

The danger to Tsipras has been highlighted by the English MSM, with the Guardian, the Sydney Morning Herald, and Forbes all releasing articles on the upcoming growth of Golden Dawn, given the recent failure of Syriza at the bailout talks. Golden Dawn is gaining more traction, particularly as it becomes more and more obvious to everyone that the court case is nothing more than a show trial, designed to keep the only anti-austerity party out of the public view.  


  1. In Britain, when Ilias Kasidiaris tore up the papers of Syriza's sellout bailout the BBC and Sky News both showed the footage. They did not however say who he is or who he represents.
    Both the BBC and Sky News spoke only of a rebellion within Syriza - the inference being obvious. We were intended to believe that Kasidiaris is a Syriza rebel. That is how low and deceitful the filthy media is in Britain.

    1. Our ABC (Australian Bolshevik Corporation) did the exact same thing.

      Mind you the Chairman of our ABC is Jewish, as well as a number of the Board members.

    2. Jewish? There's a surprise.
      Among the many jews who dominate BBC output the BBC Head Of News is James Harding a Jew.
      Even the head of the BBC Trust which supposedly oversees the BBC's "impartiality", Rona Fairhead, is a jewess - a fact they deliberately tried to hide by altering her Wikipedia entry when she was appointed.
      If it hadn't have been her it was to have been Sebastian Coe - the former athlete and Tory MP - guess what - Jew.


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