Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The bleeding heart of Syriza: Innocent ISIS 'refugee' lands in Mytilene

The Golden Dawn has warned for years that the open border policy (thanks to our political traitors) is creating a powder keg in Greece, one that will eventually explode, causing immense havoc in our homeland. The illegal immigrants not only serve the capitalist class and their lust for cheap labour, but are also a threat to the safety of the Greek people.

Increased Muslim immigration into Skopje has seen thousands of Albanians bring the nation to the brink of civil war, with tensions once again rising high in the Balkans. With Kosovo now over 90 percent Albanian, and international powers recognising it as a ‘sovereign territory’, we can only guess how long it will be until Greece suffers a similar fate.

At this rate, Jihadists in Greece will be able to ally with Albanian gunman already in the country, most probably under direction from the Washington-Zion axis, should Greece ever fall out of control of the International Loan sharks. We have already seen fake ‘revolutionaries’ light Athens on fire this month, more than half of them have proven to be foreign provocateurs  (rent-a-mob, ‘paid rioters’), under the direction of the same system which has brought our nation to its knees.

In this latest assault on our borders, we now have an Illegal Iranian ‘refugee’, who has washed ashore on the Island of Mytilini. Before the leftists rush to find this poor lost soul a luxury hotel to stay (at the expense of the Greek people), it is worth noting that the men confessed to being a member of the Islamic State cannibal organisation. Much like our own so called ‘Iranian refugee’, Man Horon Monis, these so called asylum seekers both turned out to be terrorists.

‘A 51-year-old Iranian immigrant was arrested and detained by Mytilene’s police forces accused of helping illegal aliens to exit the country using fake IDs.

During his interrogation, the defendant allegedly admitted his involvement in the Islamist terrorist organization ISIS. As a result, a special team of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) was sent to Mytilene from Athens in order to attend the trial process.

The man was arrested last Friday noon at the airport of Mytilene along with three other women from Afghanistan aged 15, 18 and 23 years old. All of them tried to board on a charter flight to Berlin using forged Bulgarian passports.

The three Afghan women quickly confessed that they had acquired their forged passports from the Iranian man who on his turn claimed that he had bought them at the port of Piraeus. NIS has already informed the European agencies to do research on the arrested person’.

It is worth pointing out that the good people of Iran operate in an orderly nation, free of decadent Americanism, or Jewish monetary control. If Iran sees fit to exile an undesirable individual from their civilisation, it is not the business of Western nations to offer them asylum. The consequences of bringing such unstable people into our nation presents itself as a major security risk, as we have already experienced with the vibrancy of many other Iranian ‘refugees’.

This recent case of an illegal landing in Europe and being a member of a terrorist organisation is not a mere isolated coincidence, but is part of a clear strategy to expand the self-proclaimed caliphates terror to our shores. It is believed that ISIS are exploiting the altruistic nature of Whites and their pro-invasion policies, in a plan to send their terrorists to Europe, disguised as ‘refugees’. The end goal is clearly to operate terror cells within our borders, posing a serious threat not just to Greece, but all of Europe.

Right now, Syriza's priority is to accomadate this so called 'humanitarian' crisis by offering citizenship to Muslims, and building them Mosques. Golden Dawn is the only party that has made it fundamentally clear that once in power, we will close our borders shut, and repatriate all existing illegals back to their nations of origin. Greece belongs to the Greeks, and any other egalitarian slogan from the left to suggest otherwise is a worthless idea, one which they are not prepared to die for. 

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  1. You are being a bit unfair to the USA. Australia has opened their doors to every kind of Third World trash as well. Many of us oppose the open borders policy, see www.sendemback.org . Developed nations need to send all of this trash home. The best place to start is the 9 million Jews who haven't gone home to Israel yet. THIS year in Jerusalem! (TFW)


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