Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tsipras signs the 3rd Memorandum: Another Marxist revolutionary who sells entire nations to the Bankers

As predicted in our last article, the spineless Tsipras has completely sold out to the bankers, signing Greece away to another unwanted memorandum. Our nation has been on its knees to the usurers for years, and now we are officially a subjugated state to the international loan sharks, thanks to Tsipras and Co.
For those that know their history, you will know this is a sad old story that we see repeated again and again. After the people see the true face of the usurers, and how they bring an entire working class generation to the brink of poverty, they look to punish the elites by voting in what they believe is a radical party. Unfortunately, many of these so called ‘radical’ parties are communist shills, disguised as revolutionaries while working behind the scenes for the same bankers they claim to oppose.
The safety valve of the system is always the bourgeois class of self-professed Marxist ‘radicals’, ironically made up of wealthy intellectuals, rich business owners, and corporate executives. In this case we have Tsipras, the son of a wealthy construction company owner, and the likes of newly appointed Finance Minister, property mogul Tsakalatos, who is better known as the ‘Aristocrat of the Left’.
This is in addition to the riches of other high up Syriza MPs and organisers, many of whom were formerly part of the PASOK criminal organisation which extorted and robbed literally millions of euros from the Greek people. Your average Syriza MP is such a blatant hypocrite, that they don’t even hide the fact they have literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock in international investment banks.  We were told to believe that these rich kids were ‘revolutionaries’ who would stand up the working class, despite being everything but working class themselves.
Talk is cheap, and Syriza has spent years pushing their propaganda about fighting the bankers, tearing up the memorandum and forcing Europe into giving Greece a better deal. There were talks of debt write off, ending austerity, and free government benefits for the poor. Objectively, we can now show proof that this is indeed a lie, now that Syriza has completely signed up to the third memorandum and broken all their pre-electoral promises.
The biggest treachery was not just Tsipra’s predictable lies, but the fact he not only signed up Greece to another memorandum, but to worse terms then the unapologetic slave to the EU, former PM Samaras. Tsipras has cut a deal so bad, that the usurers will be provided a base within Athens to personally oversee their slaves at work. We have not only been reduced to a tributary state, but we are also now under an occupation from a foreign power that will have complete oversight to how we manage our state.
One can only imagine how Tsipras sleeps at night after this shameful treachery. Alexis’s far leftist rhetoric has never appealed to centrists, who view him unpredictable and with no substance.  Now the trendy inner city homosexuals and other hipsters won’t hold him in high regard given his complete capitulation to the bankers.  Both the far left, the left, and the centrists have disowned him entirely, so with no support base of his own, we can only guess how long it will take before Tsipra’s own party disowns him. We’ve already seen the cracks emerge many months ago, and it is only a matter of time the house of cards come crashing down on the only man in Greek political history who held a referendum for the specific reason of implementing the exact opposite of the will of his own people. 

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