Friday, 10 July 2015

Alexis, as predicted, has capitulated to the loan sharks

Only moments ago, Tsipras submitted Greece’s ‘terms’ to the usurers, in order to meet the Sunday deadline. In short, it would be safe to summarise it as almost identical to the Troika’s proposals on the 26h of June, the same proposal the Greeks overwhelmingly voted NO to in the latest referendum.

To further elaborate, the latest Syriza ‘proposal’ basically accepts a 3 year emergency bail out worth approximately €53.5 billion. None of Syriza’s past proposals actually called for the termination of austerity or another memorandum, however, they did maintain some specific ‘red lines’ with regards to the reforms proposed by creditors. Syriza has basically now folded on all those ‘non-negotiable’ terms.

For example, the latest proposal from Tsipras moves almost all of the key items identified by the Usurers to the top 23% tax rate. This includes one of Tsipra’s many ‘red lines’, including restaurants, which he said he wouldn’t do. Tipras also folded on the special tax privileges for the Island tourism industry, another so called ‘red line’ that he stated was non-negotiable.

Even more unfortunate was his betrayal of our pensioners, with Tsipras now promising to cut solidarity payments for our poorest pensioners over the next 5 years. The radical Marxist didn’t stop there, and while more than willing to cut benefits for our poorest, he actually stopped short of enforcing the full 29% suggestion from the Usurers for Corporations Tax. So, like most Marxist, Tsipras sold out our poor & working class, but stood firm for soulless corporations. I’m sure Syriza can’t wait to break the good news to the Greek people, which is probably why the proposals have all been submitted in English

Syriza has broken every single one of their promises regarding austerity and the memorandum, and signed up to what is arguably, worse terms than Samaras did under New Democracy. Ontop of that, Tsipras has made a complete fool of himself by holding a referendum, and completely disregarding the overwhelming majority of Greeks in order to save his own hide under pressure from the International loan sharks. All the tough leftist rhetoric and media frenzy he created has only added to his shame now that he is a confirmed sell out.

Why Marxists are the tools of international capital

The complete sell out of Greece by Syriza was not a miscalculated gamble on Tsipras behalf, nor was it the result of anything other than a systemic betrayal by Greece’s own Marxist traitors.

The communist guerrillas who terrorised the Greek country side during the Civil War may have lost the battle, but almost certainly continued their war on Greece's Sovereignty. Their children inherited the politics of their fathers & grandfathers, and after the fall of the Junta, found themselves in privileged positions within the state and private sector, particularly after PASOK took power in 1980. These same Marxists used their power in the media, in the councils, the public sector, and the education system to create what we know as Syriza, the so called ‘radical’ coalition of Marxist parties.

Just as their grandparents were happy to give all of Northern Greece to the communist republics, so to have the modern Communists of Syriza sold off Greece’s sovereignty to the internationalists. Golden Dawn has said from the very beginning that Syriza is a tool of the loan sharks, and has been put in place to ensure Greece’s full compliance with the next memorandum.
The media spectacle constructed by Tsipras was nothing more than a show for the masses, to show that austerity is inevitable. It is clear now that only the real Nationalists of Golden Dawn have the courage and will to free Greece from the usurers, and neither the ‘radical’ Marxists, nor the fake Nationalists of Kommenos have the courage to fight for an independent sovereign Greece.

To further add to the embarrassment of the left, the results from Greece's latest referendum have shown that the suburb of Exarcheia, considered a 'revolutionary' stronghold of the anarchists, voted YES to the memorandum proposed by the Troika. It appears the rich kids who wear Che Guevara shirts & talk of smashing the bankers are far too terrified to actually bring about change that may ruin the wealth of their parents. We have always maintained Greece's Marxists are nothing but bourgeois opportunists clothed in fake leftist rhetoric, in order to justify their decadent & privileged lifestyle outside the working class.

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