Sunday, 26 July 2015

10th General Assembly of the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association

The World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (W.H.I.A), founded almost a decade ago, is an International Body of elected Parliamentarians who share a Greek background, but reside outside of the Hellenic republic.

On the 10th General Assembly of the W.H.I.A hosted in Athens, a Greek-Australian MP of the Australia parliament, Mr. Philip Dalidakis, reported with warm words on the Greek Nationalist party of Golden Dawn. Dalidakis criticized the Australian government for denying Golden Dawn MEP Georgios Epitideios entry into Australia in late 2014.

Dalidakis noted that the demographic & economic danger in Greece can only be resolved by Golden Dawn. The controlled President of the union, largely shocked by Dalidaki’s courage to speak on such matters, expressed his dismay about Dalidaki’s comment, and continued to constantly and unfairly disrupt the Australian parliamentarian during his speech.

Now that the world has seen for itself the suffering of the Greek people at the hands of the International Bankers, Golden Dawn is clearly becoming the only remaining choice to fix the problems in Greece. This has become a recent revelation to many, given the latest sell out of the centre right (New Demoracy,  ANEL), the Left (Potamai, PASOK) and the far Left (Syriza), all of whom support the cancerous memorandum and subjugation of Greece. We are now finding ourselves receiving encouragement from amongst some of our greatest foes, and earning much respect from the most unlikely people.

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