Monday, 27 July 2015

Nordfront Radio: Interview with Grigoris Georgitsopoulos of the Golden Dawn

Here comes the seventeenth episode of Radio North Front. We are joined by Robin Palm leaf, Martin Saxlind and Pär Sjogren, with special guest Grigoris Georgitsopoulos from the Golden Dawn. Georgitsopoulos is a leading figure in Thessaloniki's Youth Front, and is interviewed by the three Nordic Resistance presenters.

The podcast includes a discussion of the following topics:
  • Interviewee’s background and interests as well as his involvement in the Golden Dawn and the party’s youth organization.
  • Golden dawn history and development.
  • The system’s attack on the Golden Dawn.
  • Listener Questions about the economic crisis, the Golden Dawn wants to solve the economic crisis and more.
We highly recommend our followers to check out the Nordic Resistance website, in particular for their English speaking podcasts.


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