Monday, 27 July 2015

Latest polls: Golden Dawn nearly doubles in support following Syriza's sell-out

The political treachery by the establishment parties following Tsipra’s sell out, and the almost universal agreement of all other parties who voted in favour of the 3rd memorandum have verified what many have been warning; the inevitable, but slow rise of Golden Dawn. Now that the Nationalists remain firm as the only anti-memorandum party in the Greek political arena, the Greek people are slowly starting to move closer and closer to the only real alternative for an independent Greece.
The latest polls, have capture some rather interesting voting changes following the signing of the 3rd memorandum. has revealed that Golden Dawn received roughly 7% of the vote (similar to January election results) shortly before Tsipras folded to the International Loan sharks. After the signing of the 3rd memorandum, Golden Dawn has soared to 11%.
It is important for our readers to understand that this has happened while Golden Dawn’s leadership is almost consumed with the burden of the system’s kangaroo court, and without a single penny from the government, as legally required for any elected political party. The mainstream media has all but ignored the nationalists in an attempt to make it seem they don’t even exist, yet the people are still coming over in great numbers.
Of equal importance, is the sharp fall of Syriza voters, many of whom feel betrayed following their capitulation to the usurers, breaking all their pre-election promises in order to do so. While 61% of Greeks voted no in the latest referendum, only 28.6% of Greeks will now vote for Syriza in elections.
At this rate, Syriza’s plummeting popularity will mean that if elections come around in the near future, they will be forced into a coalition government with New Democracy is order to form government. Given that roughly a third of Syriza MPs are rebelling against Tsipras (who is threatening to call elections in order to replace them), this may be a very real possibility come the Greek Autumn. The result of this election would place Golden Dawn as National opposition, and almost but surely breaking the phony show trial allowing the nationalists to place all resources to pummel the cancerous system head on. 


  1. Greetings comrades!

    It also proves the point that the majority of 'oxi' voters were NOT and NEVER did endorse Tsipras/Syriza but were voting FOR Greece and Greeks.

    That the political establishement from across the entire spectrum, from Right AND Left, have created their 'cordon sanitaire' against Golden Dawn has been a blessing as it confirms to even the most cynical critic of Golden Dawn that you have in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY colluded in the destruction of Greece.

    One thing you should do is reinforce the fact that it is not only Syriza but all the Marxist/Anarchos who are responsible for the selling out of Greece regardless of how much these scum protest and any plans by them to set up new Lefty parties will never disguise this fact.

    Everyone now realises the truth in the statement that Tsipras is Soros' lapdog and Syriza is merely a NED-style vassal.

    Best Wishes to you all from a British comrade!

    1. Very true, as you say, this isn't what the Greek people voted for. A complete leftist/centre right sell out has robbed the country blind, but now people are waking.

      I'm curious if Cameron will try a similar stunt to Tsipras for the big EU referendum he promised...


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