Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Another rich Marxist 'radical' has risen to the job of signing off Greece's sovereignty to the Usurers

The timing of Varoufaki’s resignation couldn’t be any more convenient for the shills of Syriza, who know all too well that they will be signing another memorandum before the deadline this coming Sunday. Euclid Tsakalotos has risen to the top job of helping Tsipras sell off Greece to another unwanted memorandum, in the coming ‘negotiations’ with Germany and other International Usurers.

In short, Tsipras never expected the resilience & bravery of the Greek people to be so strong. Varoufaki’s scare tactics, such as the closure of all Greek banks, wasn’t enough to deter a people who have suffered for so long. The Syriza plan was to hold a referendum, and with the media outlets warning of a coming doom unless Greece says yes to the Troika, use the fear of the Greek people as an excuse to sign another agreement.

Unfortunately for Syriza, the unexpected has happened with the successful NO vote, and the Marxist ‘radicals’ have neither the courage, nor the will to free Greece from the loan sharks. Varoufakis has already jumped ship in order to save face, knowing that Syriza will break all their pre-election promises of ending austerity in the next coming days. 

We now come to Tsakalotos, who attended talks with lenders in Riga, following discussions about Greece’s bailout terms. Tsakalotos won over the sympathy of German Chancellor Merkel, who was impressed by his spineless obedience, much like known traitor Samaras who has also resigned following New Democracy’s downfall earlier this week.

Tsakalotos, born in Holland and from a rich family that financed his Oxford university studies, describes himself as ‘fundamentally pro-EU’ and wants to stay in the Eurozone at all costs. Quite a remarkable statement from a supposed Marxist Revolutionary, who joined Greece’s Eurocommunist party before moving onto Syriza later in his career.  Even more remarkable is the wealth of Tsakalotos, who has been nicknamed the ‘Aristocrat of the Left’ due to the property and riches he inherited from his father. It appears these rich Marxists are not only completely removed from the working class, but have absolutely no shame in selling our nation off to the usurers.

Unlike Tsipras & Vourafkis, who like to create a drama spectacle before inevitably signing another memorandum, Tsakalotos is far less flamboyant. Tsakalotos appears to have little appetite for the media circus, promising a much smoother transition to the next phase of Greece’s subjugation.

It is obvious to all that the sudden installation of Tsakalotos to the position of Finance Minister is more than just a move by Merkel to ensure Greece’s quiet agreement to the Troika’s terms. Tsakalotos is to ensure Greece’s full compliance after Sunday’s agreement, making sure Greece remains true to their eternal promises of total control by the International loan sharks.

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