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Golden Dawn, the German invasion and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) - Article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

An unrepentant and vicious Bolshevist, who is paid really well by the bourgeois, repeated the unfair accusation against GOLDEN DAWN, for a connection with the war crimes against civilians during the German invasion at 1941.
Based on the propaganda of the red junta, which prevails for 44 years in Greece since the political changeover, Greeks do not know that when Germans invaded Greece, Soviet Union and it's vassals such as KKE were allies of Germany, according to Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact!
They also claim that the war of Greeks against the Italians and the Germans was a war against…fascism! We shall answer them with the words of the commander of the British troops at Greece, General Wilson: “Our stance in Greece was indeed absurd. We were fighting against totalitarianism, by reinforcing a fascist government against another”. 
Ridiculous and untenable arguments
With a vast number of texts, GOLDEN DAWN has declared that if we have lived at those times, we would have fought the German invaders, loyal to our Ideology. Yet, they insist in the calumniations. While GOLDEN DAWN presents a vast number of documents, they have not find even one line where we favor the German and Italian invasion! Regarding war crimes, our texts clearly condemn them. 
Concerning the rest of their ridiculous arguments, I shall present an excerpt of a document of Spyros Melas at the newspaper “KATHIMERINI”: (8th of May 1941) “Greeks are bizarre people. We had a totalitarian regime and we fought for the flag of Democracies…Is there another political contradiction in history? ...I was imagining the victory of the flag we were fighting for. I laughed till tears. What would this victory mean? A political suicide of the winner. What would happen to our totalitarian regime? Nothing but ashes. However the contradictions do not end here. What do some people expect? They expect after the victory of the totalitarian regime, a liberal economy and the domination of plutocratic democracies? Clear these up…”
Who fought the Italians and the Germans
Texts with clearly ideological content, written 30 years ago, are being used in a calumniating way, in order for some people to organize a dirty propaganda against us. Really, what the Bolshevists can say about Lenin, who vanished Hellenism in Minor Asia and Pontus, by reinforcing the butcher Kemal? In fact, they never denied such thing, since they wrote at their newspaper, “Rizispastis” that they aimed for the Destruction in Minor Asia. So, according to their foolish argumentation, if we are…accomplices (!) of Italians and Germans, then they are accomplices with Kemal. They are also accomplices with Stalin, who exterminated more than 50.000 proud Pontic Greeks in Siberia. 
They ignore a historic fact, that Greece at 1940 was not governed by a communist or parliamentary government, but by a “fascist” regime. They ignore that the governor of the country was Ioannis Metaxas, who had written at his journal: “English want to destroy nazism. But in reality they want to destroy the anti-parliamentarianism. They want to impose everywhere an old fashioned liberalistic system. So, they walk backwards.”
In his notorious journal, there is also the ultimate denial of the regime that immerged from the “enlightenment” and the industrial revolution. More precisely, according to Ioannis Metaxas: (18/12/31) “People created a mechanic civilization that works by himself with speed and strength, that is now out of our control, tearing us apart”.
KKE and the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact
But, we may return in the dirty propaganda of KKE, of the neo-bolshevists of SYRIZA and of the liberals of New Democracy. According to them all, GOLDEN DAWN is guilty for Kalavryta, Kandanos, Distomo and Chortiatis (areas where war crimes took place)! 
There was no GOLDEN DAWN back then, but there were the “fascists” of the regime of August 4th, who first of all fought the invaders. As for KKE, their texts are clear, from the book titled “40 years KKE”: “The main danger is the arrival of war in Greek territory. And the bloody dictatorship of Metaxas attracts this war…Not only they do not take measures for the peace of our people, but they cause with their actions the Italian invasion…”
Third letter of Zachariades (15 January of 1941): “From the first moment, Metaxas made a fascistic war…the blood of our soldier is spilt in vain…The people and the soldiers of Greece and Italy are no enemies but brothers, so their reconciliation will end war…”
April 14 1941: “We call all the people to think how different thing it would be, if the call to arms at the 28th of October turned into a social revolt…To think that even if this revolt never happened, the reason is the illusion of people that this war is fair”. (Source: «ΚΚΕ from 1918 to 1931», volume A΄, publication Κ.Ε. of ΚΚΕ, Athens 1947, page. 518). 
Writings remain…This is the reason why the bolshevists and their partners should remain silent, since the only people who have nothing to fear from the Truth are the Comrades of GOLDEN DAWN, Greek Nationalists, who fought the invaders, when they were vassals of Stalin, who was an ally of Germany. 
Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary general of People’s Association-Golden Dawn

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