Saturday, 2 December 2017

More undeniable proof that ANTIFA Anarchist are controlled paramilitary of the system. Video shows colabaration between state and ANTIFA.

Antifa Anarchists disrupt a university speech and smashed a window

Previously, we showed you the undeniable collaboration between the system and ANTIFA terrorists.
Golden Dawn has always maintained that there's collaboration between the system, the police who work for the system and Antifa Anarchist terrorists.  If you forgot who the system is, we listed them in this post here.

We'll it's happened again, in an incident involving speaker and activist, Lucian Wintrich.  Now we're not supporters of Lucian who is a gay Jew.
However, Lucian Wintrich makes a speech at the University of Connecticut titled, ''It's ok to be White''.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  WRONG, according to the unwashed Anarchists and the system.  According to them, Whites must have a sense of guilt and self hatred.

During the speech, a fat unwashed uni leftist steals Lucian's university speech notes. This happens RIGHT IN FRONT of police.  The police stand there despite a criminal theft taking place. Lucian instinctively grabs her with one hand, and with his other grabs his notes back.

50 seconds in the clip.

Who do the police arrest? The anarchist that stole his property?  Or Lucian who was trying to retrieve his stolen property? Unbelievably, they arrested Lucian, rather than the criminal. This is the exact same thing as a robber stealing same lady's handbag, and than she grabs him and takes her handbag back, but the police arrest her instead of the thief.

Connecticut state law allows a person to use reasonable force to prevent or retrieve stolen property.
Not that it actually matters to the state and the police who were collaborating with the anarchists, and arrested Lucian instead.  

Golden Dawn has always let you the reader know, that unwashed anarchists who parade around as ''rebels against the system'', are really just the system's puppets used to try and violently supress Nationalist and Popular movements, that the globalist government system doesn't like, just like the speech in this video.

Why does the system use these anarchist as pawns? Because if the government gets the police to violently supress a popular Nationalist movement that's peacefully protesting, they know these Nationalists will get sympathy from the population, and become angry towards the government. So the unwashed anarchists do the dirty work for the system instead, where the media will than simply report it as, ''Far Left and Far Right clash''.  Some of these leftist groups or anarchist university groups will all of the sudden, get some huge money thrown their way by some (((Billionaires))) such as (((George Soros))), and than they're told to organise and hit the streets, as we've seen.

Than when anarchist's attack protestors that the system doesn't like, whether it be in Hellas, Australia or the USA., the government and media are silent and refuse to condemn it.  
When anarchists have attacked Golden Dawn, the government and media is silent in their condemnation.  But when Golden Dawn dare defend themselves against leftists, the media and government make it front page news.  Or as we can see in cases such as this, will instead simply arrest the activists for defending themselves against Anarchist terrorists. 

Antifa Anarchists, stop pretending your ''rebels'' against the system.  Your political views are exactly the same as the systems. That being, Non-White immigration, illegal immigration, globalism, Anti-Nationalism, Anti-Religion, Pro-Feminism, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Abortion and Pro-Jewish.  
And as we can clearly see from these situations, you are completely in collaboration with the system, and are its puppet pawns.  


  1. A brilliant summary of who's who and the divide between the forces of right and wrong. The puppet show forever acted out between the two sides of the same coin, the so-called right and left, satisfies the requirement of the globalist cultural Marxist and the great numbers of the uninformed public who are happy as long as they have the means to buy the latest iPhone.

  2. Can someone from Golden Dawn explain to me why the Greek people continue not voting for Golden Dawn? I’m looking at the latest opinion polls for the next Greek elections (Assuming they’re valid) and it shows only a small boost for Golden Dawn while the vast majority of voters are switching back from SYRIZA to New Democracy. This baffles my mind. After all that has happened to Greece what makes them think going back to the same sellout parties that put them in their current situation is going to solve anything? What does Golden Dawn plan to do to break this plateau?

    1. Never mind I got my response here:


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