Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Golden Dawn: The political tour of Erdogan at Thrace must be banned!

Pimp Erdogan, came to Thrace triumphantly, where he gave his conquering demands to the puppet Alexis Tsipras, like he does to the rest of the Europe.

Recently, the Turkish president Erdogan slandered the Greek diplomacy in our own country and the only one who gave him the proper answer was Golden Dawn and the Secretary General, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos.

The Leader of People’s Association - Golden Dawn answered to the anti-Hellenic statements of Erdogan noting that: “The anti-Hellenic positions of the sultan of the Ottomans Erdogan were already known, before his arrival at Greece. This is the reason why Golden Dawn has publicly vowed that he is unwelcome in Greece. 

Those who invited Erdogan in Greece are responsible for the provocations in the capital of Greeks. New Democracy is also responsible, since they publicly agreed with the visit of Erdogan”.

After the provocative statements of Erdogan we call the political leadership of this land to act properly, to ban the triumphal tour of Erdogan at Thrace.”

Of course the statement of N. G. Michaloliakos was silenced from almost all the media, since only some excerpts were broadcasted.

However, it was never broadcasted the call from Golden Dawn to the political leadership of the land to ban immediately the provocative political tour of Erdogan at Thrace.

Of course, how could the subordinate media of the political system broadcast these statements, since they welcome the “sultan” and his antinational fiesta at Thrace?

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  1. The corrupt political clowns in Greece should never of allowed this Mongol dog to stir trouble in Greece.Erdogan didn't come on a good will trip.He came to make demands.As if the Turks haven't stolen enough,they want even more.Erdogan wanted to visit the muslims in Thrace to see if they were treated well.It's a shame that he and other central Asian invaders didn't show the same levels of concern and compassion when their ancestors ethnically persecuted and murdered millions of Greeks,Armenians and others over the centuries. While Erdogan was in Greece to make demands,the Turkish nationalists,the grey wolves were provocatedly worshipping their non existed god in our sacred Hagia Sophia.While these dirty muslims were there,they should of looked above them,because there looking down on them is a huge painting of the Virgin Mary.She has been there for centuries looking down at these animals invading her holy domain.Only she knows what she has in store for them in the near future.