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National Resistance into the Parliament against the marxists and the antinational liberals

Everything the channels never broadcasted and the newspapers of plutocracy never wrote. The stance of the Nationalists for the “Gender Change” and our Thrace.

October 9 of 2017: From my speech in the Parliament: “Great Greeks spilt their blood for the liberation of Thrace and nowadays in Xanthi women parade with the islamic veil and state to be Turkish…” 

In the 9th and 10th October the Parliament convened regarding the notorious draft law about the change of the gender. We experienced once more a moment were the spirit of “enlightenment” whether liberal, whether marxist plays God! What else could mean the change of sex by law? In the context of this legislation we received an amendment which paves the way for dangerous adventures for our Homeland, for the acknowledgment of national minorities! 

Regarding all these issues, GOLDEN DAWN gave a battle in the Parliament and is interesting the fact that among 300 MPs, only 16 belong to GOLDEN DAWN, yet the speakers of GOLDEN DAWN were more than 10 among 50 speakers! Others hide themselves and others silenced for these major issues. I also made a speech in the Parliament, but of course, neither the big channels, nor the newspapers of plutocracy mentioned my speech. Excerpts from my speech are the following: 

The stance of New Democracy is hypocritical 

“Few days ago, New Democracy had declared with the words: “no more alibi”, that it will not vote for legislations where a governmental member is opposed.  Also, one of the speakers of New Democracy said that the government has not the majority of 150 since the MPs of ANEL have a different view and shall vote against this legislation.  Yet, this is a very audacious thing to say, since with the votes of New Democracy SYRIZA became the government. 

I will mention some obvious cases, like the one of 14th of August 2015, when the government did not have the majority of votes, since many of its MPs were gone and created later another political party. Back then, the MPs of New Democracy voted “yes” to the memorandum of SYRIZA. It was them, who reinforced the government of SYRIZA and did not stop the memorandum, at August of 2015. There were three more cases. The draft for the partnership pact, where many MPs of New Democracy voted for the partnership pact, the regulation for the “sinful” Megaro Mousikis, but also the draft for the Islamic mosque, where you also reinforced government. 

How come then, you claim that the government has not the majority of votes, when you always help the government in these moments? How can you doubt about this fact, when you support them in this kind of legislations?

Also, a speaker of New Democracy said: “We respect Church”. Well this is obvious considering the proposition of New Democracy that desires to be in good terms with everyone! The Church is clear: She does not accept the change of sex. In its proposition New Democracy accepts the change of gender. So, New Democracy agrees in the principle and the notion of the draft law.”

“They intend to acknowledge national minorities in our Homeland”

“In the context of this draft law there is an amendment, which indents to legalize the Turkish Union of Thrace. This amendment will lead our Homeland in horrific situations!

Those who submitted this amendment, based on the resolution of the European Court of Human Rights, should know that there is another convict of Greece from the European Court of Human Rights, regarding the Shelter of Macedonian  Culture, which is created by the Skopje. 

So, there are many fronts. They lead this country in adventures. In reality, against the constitution, they aim to acknowledge national minorities in our Homeland. We reached the point, since I am reffering to Thrace, to leave the muslims of Thrace under the Turkish propaganda, even though these people are not Turkish. There are Therkez, there are Roma who are muslims, there are the Greek pomaks –and the Right side offered them to Turkey! These people were loyal to the ottoman regime, they used to write with Arabic letters and we taught them how to write the Turkish language and be aligned with the state of Kemal. This is a great responsibility of the Greek state.

Apart from the above, the fact that in the Celebration of Freedom in Xanthi there are parades of girls with their Islamic veils, is embarrassing. This should have made more cautious those who brought this alignment, which leads with the resolution of Arios Pagos, in the acknowledgement of the Turkish Union of Xanthi. In this celebration there were parades with students with veils! The freedom of this part of Thrace –it could also be Eastern Thrace and Eastern Romylia- is due to the blood of the Second War between Greece and Bulgaria. Major Velissariou , the liberator of Ioannina spilt his blood and so did Georgios Kolokotronis, the last descendant of Theodoros Kolokotronis, in the battle of Kresna. These people spilt their blood for the freedom of Thrace, while nowadays in Xanthi girls parade in Islamic veils and declare to be Turkish…”

The antinational representatives of “modern Left Side” and their liberal political partners

“How did we reach this point? Because all these things that we are discussing here today for the change of sex and the rest few years ago would be unthinkable. They would be absurd. The representatives of the “new Left”, of SYRIZA, are tacticians and we should congratulate them for this. They use a known communistic method. So, let us think that before this outrageous legislation, which literally destroys the foundation of the nation, the sacred institution of family, there was the burning of the Greek flag, where the representatives of SYRIZA defended this right, there was the ban of the raising of the Greek flag at schools, there was a systematic and methodic propaganda and misinterpretation of our national history.

This draft law illustrates that this bankruptcy is not economic, but also political, moral and social. The only way to stop this bankruptcy in all these aspects is the revolt of Greeks for a new Golden Dawn of Hellenism!

Golden Dawn will resist and vote against this draft law, by also denouncing the hypocrisy of New Democracy, which declares a vague “no” and offers its own proposition which includes the change of gender.

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  1. Most of what’s discussed in this address is going on in all Western countries. It’s classic Marxist divide-and-conquer backed by the intellectual elites and the globalist corporate community. Needless to say, when one carefully looks at who disproportionately promotes such policies through funding and the media, inevitably it’s the international Zionist aspiring to erase all nations, cultures, and races except his own.


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