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Michaloliakos - The Meeting between Tsipras & Trump and the relation of Russia & Turkey

The historical truth behind the lies of the spiteful journalists

“Only am powerful nationalistic and expansive Russia could stop the Turkish ambition in Balkans and east (where we could have the axis between Russia and Iran). PANAGIOTIS KONDYLIS –THEORY OF WAR-GEOPOLITICAL AND STRATEGIC PARAMETRES OF A GRECO-TURKISH WAR

When at 90ies took place the first Gulf War, the spiteful journalists who pretend to be certified analysts in our country and present themselves as patriots had…foreseen the end of Turkey! Thirty years have passed ever since and Turkey becomes stronger by the time! Stronger geopolitically, strategically, economically. 

It is obvious that the game of power takes place in the Middle East and Greece is involved in this game. From the one side Greece is close to region and from the other side, the destiny of Turkey influences Greece, considering the expansive plans of Turkey, with Kemal at the past and neo-Ottomans at the present.

The meeting with the considered by the “progressivists”…far right (!) president of USA

The visit of the prime minister of Greece in USA and his meeting with the considered by the “progressivists” (and SYRIZA) far right president of USA Donald Trump will be certainly presented by these certified “analysts’ as the end of the problems of Greeks in the field of economy, but also from the aspect of security, regarding the Turkish aggressiveness. 

Well, this ambiance will be favored by the tensed relations between USA and Turkey during the last months. Though, those who read History, know that the relations between two states do not endure for weeks, months or years, but last for a very long time. And what we know from the long relation between USA and Turkey, is that Washington have always supported Turkey and in no way it would sacrifice Turkey in the name of Greek interests. 

We experienced that at 1974 in Cyprus, we experienced that in the crisis at Imia at 1996. These “scenes” between the leaders of these states should not create impressions that are far away from reality. 

Of course USA would be interested in the exploitation of the rich Greek hydrocarbons,  because Russia would no longer have the monopoly and the big multinational companies would exploit this wealth, which are placed in the same block of power as USA do. On the other hand how much important would be an American warranty for the security of our Homeland, our national sovereignty in Aegean and Cyprus?

Is there anyone so full who believes that Washington would risk a conflict with Turkey for the shake of Greece? The American troops abandoned Iraq and Afghanistan and we still believe that they would get into trouble for Greece? 

The USA PEOPLE and the relations between Russia and Turkey

At this point we should add the major issue of the relations between Russia and Turkey. More or less, the USA PEOPLE, who are paid a lot in order to misinform Greek People, created the concept of Russian and Turkish alliance. Prompted by the meeting between Putin and Erdogan they wrote things beyond reality. Based on the ephemeral impression and not witnessing the relations between these two states under the prism of History. And History teaches us that for 300 years Russia is in constant conflict with Turkey! The friendly relations between Russia and Turkey were always occasional. Yet, we should also inspect some other incidents of these days. 

Few days ago, sultan Erdogan was in Ukraine, where he accused Russia of the occupation in Crimea. He did stated that he does not acknowledge the Russian occupation in Crimea. And this took place shortly after the supply of Turkey from Russia the missile system S-400. 

However, the supply of this system faces many obstacles, a fact that reflects the real relations between Russia and Turkey. In October the Turkish minister of Foreign Affairs Çavuşoğlu stated that Ankara will probably cancel the agreement for the S-400. In fact, by using the infamous Turkish deceitfulness, he invited other countries to supply Turkey with a similar missile system. 
Also, Çavuşoğlu stated that for the completion of this agreement for the S-400, Russians must ensure the productions of these systems in the Turkish territory and also offer the expertise! Something that Moscow, of course, will not do.

So, besides the propaganda of these spiteful and lying journalists, lies the geopolitical truth. A truth completely different from all these things they present to us. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn

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