Monday, 3 July 2017

The Attack on Aspropirgos

Anarcho-leftists don’t fear the consequences of their actions because they are supported by the political parties of submission and the Memorandum: article from Golden Dawn Newspaper by Giannis Panousis

One afternoon late June 2017, an organised group of para-state leftist thugs attacked the offices of Golden Dawn in Aspropirgos, wearing vests that identified themselves as Hellenic police. The murderous scum started shouting “Police! Down on the ground!” The victims, believing that they were real police officers did as they were told, but as soon as they did they were viciously attacked with clubs and hammers!

At that time, before the office was open to the public there were only four people inside, one of which was a young lady. The maniac leftist gangsters broke her hands with hammers while another victim almost died as he was brutally hit on the head with a hammer.

Who cared about these young Hellenes, who almost lost their lives in this horrific manner? No one! Not one political party, not one television station, not any newspaper, not any radio station.

All the indescribable reptiles in power, who usually fall over themselves to denounce violence from wherever it originates, did not say a word about this attack. On the contrary, they may have appreciated it, especially the paid up anti-fascist thugs and their friends, if we judge from the triumphant declarations on their websites. 

Nevertheless the most remarkable aspect of this horrific crime, apart from the arrogance of those that control the no-go areas of Attiki, is the type and magnitude of the violence that they inflict without fear of any possible repercussions from the law: police and judges just wink at them, disguising their shared guilt and direct support with their silence.

When you stoop to breaking a young lady’s hands with hammers, without any shadow of a doubt you’ve sunk down to the level of a medieval executioner. These aren’t merely the salaried henchmen of the governing left. They are well trained executioners, who sadistically enjoy the pain inflicted upon their victims.

Those in power of every political leaning who deviously and discreetly support them are no different from the priests in the Inquisition who would hand over their victims to the “secular power” so that the executioners could smash their bones with hammers without getting any blood on their own hands...
Written by Giannis Panousis,
Translated by XA Australia 

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