Monday, 3 July 2017

Provocations from Turkey continue after Islamic ceremony in Agia Sofia

Provocations from Turkey continue after Islamic ceremony in Agia Sofia: accuses Hellas and demands that the mosque in Athens be built immediately

The Turkish provocation with the Islamic prayer inside Agia Sofia generated a flood of international condemnation however that wasn’t enough to lessen the audacity of the Turks.

Immediately following the statement from the State Department, the Turks issued their own statement in which they cut off their nose to spite their face. They accused Hellas of “pressuring the Turkish minority” that “it has cases against elected Muftis” and that the mosque at Votanikos needs to be built.

This should be regarded as a lesson to the politicos, who not only allowed the Turkish prime minister to visit our Thrace but accompanied him. After this provocative support from Syriza the Turks immediately started to aggressively refer to a “Turkish minority” in contravention of the Treaty of Lausanne, to demand that Hellas accept the pseudo muftis and that a mosque in Athens must be built.

This proves that without a doubt the mosque in Athens is being built under Turkish orders while the tolerance of the state towards every kind of pro-Turk organisation is a compliance born of cowardice and indecision. No mosque in Athens! Anyone who feels Turkish can go to Turkey!

Written by Giannis Panousis,
Translated by XA Australia 

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  1. Since these Mongol Turks insist on worshipping their goat herder god in our Magnificent Hagia Sofia,why don't our useless politicians in Athens insist and go to Ankara and shit on the tomb of Kemal Ataturk?And while they go there,why don't the corrupt politicians of Athens visit the hundreds of thousands of ethnic Greeks who still live in what they call Turkey now and give them support that Greece is 100 percent behind them.And for Greece to recognize them as Greeks and not Turks!Also the traitor politicians in Athens should demand to the Turks to open up more churches to these oppressed people and promote Greek political parties inside what they call Turkey.But will they?I doubt it.