Monday, 31 July 2017

Donations - Supporting the People's Nationalist Movement

Today in Hellas only two political parties exist: The parties of the kleptocracy who receive government funding in order to further the agenda of illegal immigration and voting for loan packages and Golden Dawn, who stands unbowed in the fight for Hellas and Hellenes against all opponents.

It is well known that the parties of the kleptocracy have illegally and unconstitutionally decided to cease government funding to Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn is the only party that doesn’t receive a single euro of government money yet it has continued to assist the economically embattled Hellenic people by providing food handouts as well as other emergency social welfare assistance.

In addition to the political interference of the kleptocratic parties Golden Dawn also has to contend with the oligarch controlled mass media outlets’ censorship, as well as the continued violent political terrorism from the underground and foreign secret service organisations.

In this battle on behalf of all Hellenes Golden Dawn holds only one formidable weapon: the support of the Hellenic people.

The power of the Hellenic people is Golden Dawn and the power of Golden Dawn is the Hellenic people!

During the darkest tyranny that has covered our people and our land, we keep the torch of National Resistance alight.

You are Golden Dawn! Your practical support for our battle can be demonstrated by donating into one of the accounts below.


ACCOUNT NAME: Laikos Syndesmos Xrysh Aygh
ACCOUNT No: 0026 0315 83 0200590942
IBAN: GR 04026 03150 00083 02005 90942

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