Thursday, 2 February 2017

Albanian Fifth Column in our Armed Forces

Seven Albanian rifleman in the Greek army have recently been posing while flashing provocative Albanian Nationalist gestures in a recent photograph that is circulating in Greece.
The Globalists say again and again that ‘Multiculturalism is our strength’, yet how can they argue that the addition of Albanians within the Hellenic army makes it ‘stronger’? Albanian Nationalism is at odds with the interests of the Greek state, by including such elements in our armed forces, we only compromise the integrity of our security in the event of a real conflict.
We do not need a fifth column of Albanian thugs embedded in our land, let alone trained killers within our armed forces.
These Albanian infiltrators, who also occupied the military within Tito’s Yugoslavia and beyond, have no qualms switching sides in order to advance their own ethnic interests. Today, the FYROM, Kosovo and Montenegro are infested within Albanian terrorist separatist movements, and it wasn’t too long ago they openly conscripted and recruited Albanians into their defence forces with not a single doubt. History only provides lessons that are to be learnt to those that are willing to listen.
Golden Dawn demands swift action against this Albanian problem in our armed forces. Will the gang be punished and have their citizenship revoked, and also, what measures are being taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again? These are the questions Golden Dawn MP Kasidiaris has put forward to the Defence Minister and the Greek people demand answers. 


  1. Enemies of Greece should never serve in the Greek Armed Forces.Does anyone actually believe that these opportunistic parasites are going to protect Greece's frontiers?These are the same uncivilized race that occupies Greek soil in Northern Epirus who constantly harass and intimidate the local Greek populations there.And they are the same untrustworthy turds who claim territory within Greece's current borders.

  2. We have same problem in the U.S. with Latinos,Muslims,and black gang members.


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