Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Greek Newspaper “Parom”: It’s a Mathematical Certainty that Golden Dawn will rise Dramatically

As predicted over the years by friends and foes alike, the inevitable rise of the Nationalist movement in Greece will become realised in the forthcoming elections.
The Greek Newspaper “Parom” (which translates to ‘here’ or ‘present’), published a piece by well known journalist George Leontaritis, refering to the situation in Greece and Europe:
"Folks, who are tired, are turning to the far right, promising an end to the EU, but also of civil corruption. Democracies are becoming increasingly stillborn. With European policy, opening the way for extreme solutions, in Greece, the next elections are mathematically certain that the proportions of the Golden Dawn will rise impressively. Let us not ululate the so-called "Democrats".
For Syriza, the New Republic of the carpet is paved. Because the outraged people do not have the discretion to make revolution, they will exact revenge at the ballot box, enhancing just that faction who openly challenges the "system". The "logical arguments" to prevent this development does not find any chord with the voters. They have lost everything, they took from them everything. So, what else do they have to lose?
The European Union and the political elite in Berlin and Brussels have made a mockery of democracy. They are humiliated. So the status quo collapses, here, the citizens consider that today we have vested our democracy to the appetites of "others", (i.e. partners)". For this reason, we note a shift towards the party of Golden Dawn. This is the truth, which nobody dares to say openly. The people won't forgive politicians who signed agreements with their "partners" in squalor. "
The writing is clearly on the wall for the establishment. They created an entire underclass of Greeks who have had their wealth slashed from them in just a decade, thanks to the kleptocracy and corruption of the Greek politicians. Now they will pay the price, at the coming elections.
Our place as National Opposition is inevitable


  1. I agree with that the only other thing on the radar I want to add is this. When Greece has elections, Yet again, weather be this year or next is this. We seen the ZOG government of Greece in prior elections, send there stooges, liberals, anarchists, homosexuals, antifa to intimidate the elderly and young from voting for X.A. In addition to that the ZOG government has processed these invaders and giving them the write to vote. At this point the system will try anything to still stay in power. I would like to see Golden Dawn at every polling place to be present and not allow these invaders from voting in the next election this is mandatory, my opinion of course. In addition to that have a representative present when the votes are tallied up. No voter fraud which was present at the last elections. GOD BLESS GOLDEN DAWN PROUD GREEK.

    1. Zog does not exist?
      Did you know read this article?

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