Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Truck of peace, driven by a man from the religion of peace, peacefully mows down people in Berlin in an act of peace

It must of being just a big misunderstanding. 

A Tunisian illegal, hijacked a truck driven by Polish guy, rammed it into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring dozens of innocents. ISIS later claimed responsibility for that attack. Keep in mind that this is despite the fact that Germany has opened their naive arms to both legal and illegal Moslem immigrants. And this is how Moslems repay Germans who show them kindness, just like we saw on New Years Eve, where they mass sexually assaulted, spat on and attacked Germany women, and than at a welcoming party for illegal immigrants, where they turned on their German leftists hosts, and began mass sexually assaulting them.

Again, the media and liberals always claim when this sort of thing happens, that this is an isolated incident, and doesn't reflect all Moslems. They'll also say that white Christians have been terrorists before as well, therefore there's no difference. Of course however, there is a massive difference. Statistics show that Moslem commit by far and away the most terrorist attacks world wide, compare to any other religious or political group. Below are a sample of stats from 2011:


There you have it. While yes, every religion or political group has a tiny group of extremists, Moslems make by far and away the largest amount of terrorists, showing among many reasons, it is not worth having them in our countries nor do we even need them. Funny that in easily in 2nd place for the most amount of terrorism are leftists, who are Moslem defenders. While the so called ''hateful, racist, bigoted'' Right Wing, commit the least amount of terrorism out of all of them.

Of course the above cartoon picture posted with all the leftist's excuses for Islamic terrorism may seem satirical. But it's not. Apart from the fact that the media and leftists always give those excuses whenever an Islamic terrorist attack occurs, here is a video where leftist Ohio university students get asked to explain the Moslem terrorist attack that happened on their campus, which was committed by a Moslem student that went to that university. Watch the guy at 1:20 of the video. Listen to what he says. After watching it, you'll realise we cannot satire the left anymore. They do it themselves.

Article by XA Melbourne

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  1. I noticed in one of the written comments in the cartoon above it says,Don't forget we colonized their countries.Well who colonized who?Most countries in Europe never had colonies overseas.How many European ghettoes do you see in Africa,Middle East,South Asia,Central Asia,East Asia and so on.Not one.In fact most of these 3rd world invaders come from regions which are a lot richer resource wise than Europe.It's not the Europeans fault that their governments are to corrupt or useless that they don't exploit their natural wealth to share with their people.You can't force yourself into someone elses house with out permission and then make demands when you get there.It's just insane.


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