Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: With high morale, we’ll take our Fatherland back!


The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn gave a comprehensive, all-inclusive interview to the journalist Stergios Kalogiros, on his TV show, ''Commenting the news''.

N. G. Michaloliakos initially noted that Greeks are the victims of an economic war. For the past seven years, the Memoranda have ravaged our homeland. Following the same economic policy, gives no prospect for development. The only solution is the return to national production and national currency. The only national independence option.

The Leader of Golden Dawn said that debt cancellation and termination of the Memorandum is a one-way street. Exactly what Tsipras had promised, but, as it has been proven, he had agreed to disregard it.

Concerning the hordes of immigrants, he noted that there is no other choice than to return them to their homelands, as Greece cannot afford to have them. Our sea borders must be guarded by the Coast and the Navy. The illegal immigrants must be returned where they came from.

For the issue of the continuing Turkish provocations, he stated that our Fatherland should finally react dynamically because the doctrine ''we do not demand anything'' has led us to submissions and defeats.

Mr. Michaloliakos announced that he will propose to the Parliament to send a delegation to Imia on the 31st of January, along with a military contingent, and raise the Greek flag to pay tribute to the heroic Greek officers, Panagiotis Vlachakos, Christodoulos Karathanasis, and Hector Gialopsos. It is a fact that Turkey threatens us and Greece must be ready to react.

Then, he inveighed the attitude of the New Democracy MPs, who followed the Communist Party line and did not go to Kastelorizo. He reminded viewers that during the governance of New Democracy, serious incidents were constant in Athens and the Greek flag was burned. For the perpetrators of this unholy act against our National Symbol, which is a sacrilege against all those who sacrificed themselves for the Flag, he agreed that they should have the Greek nationality removed.

For the tax evasion lists, he noted that all those who have plundered the Greek People must finally pay. He emphasized that a nationalist wind blows throughout Europe, as the peoples seek to destroy the Eurozone “monster”. He pointed out that Golden Dawn has connections with the nationalist movements of Europe, ending with the phrase: ''Fatherlands shall return''.

The persecutions and the exclusion against Golden Dawn may continue, but when the trial is completed, the jurisdiction will vindicate the Greek Nationalists.

Finally, the General Secretary of the Popular Association said that Golden Dawn does not change, but remains constant to her ideas and National Struggles. Golden Dawn is a Peoples mass movement and when the elections are held, our percentage will rise.

Nikos Michaloliakos concluded with the message: ''Keep your heads up, we will take our Fatherland back!''

Article XA Hellas
Edited by XA Melbourne

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