Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Yiannis Lagos Exposes the Greek Government’s Brand of ‘Democracy’

Video by XA New York  

Article by XA Melbourne

Yiannis Lagos rightfully calls the ''patriotic'' minister of defense, Panos Kammenos a traitor, for allowing Hellas to be invaded by never ending amounts of Moslem illegals and slowly ethnically replace indigenous Hellenes in their own homeland.

Than after that, the traitor president Prokopis Pavlopoulos, attempted to censor Yiannis Lagos, and take the floor from Yiannis, because Yianni Lagos dared to have his own opinion against the government, which the establishment didn't like.  Lagos than exposes the clear fact that ''Democracy'' in Greece is a sham, and that you are only allowed to have a speech, if you go along with the government traitors - Because in a true democracy, even speech you disagree with, must be allowed to have a voice.


  1. Bravo Giannis Lagos.Stick it to them.None of these traitors want to hear the truth.Those politicians who in the past and in the present betrayed and sold the country think that they have the only right to voice their opinion in parliament.I look forward to the day when these current and past corrupt and traitor politicians go to trial and go to jail for their crimes against the state and it's people.

  2. You have GREEKS leaving the country who voted for syriza, they don't want to stay around and vote for H.A. They think no one of the political parties can change anything that they are all corrupt. Meanwhile in Athens you have the GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS processing the illegals who come first of course and register as citizens and voters. So when elections come around again you have a new voter base because they no that they will vote for them and receive there free stuff and who knows probably get there mosques all over HELLAS. From America H.A. SUPPORTER!!! PROUD GREEK. LETS TAKE BACK HELLAS THIS YEAR FROM THE TRATIORS.

  3. Oh I see how this works. You can't democratically voice your opinion in parliament but you can make all the corrupt dodgey deals u want behind closed doors.

  4. GREAT SPEECH. H.A. can not win in there RIGGED elections , only answer I see is 1821!!!