Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Surprise, Surprise – Stats show, Moslems and Leftists commit BY FAR the most terrorist acts.

By XA Melbourne.

See statistics below:

Not surprisingly, Sunni Moslems accounted for by far the most terrorism with 8,886 deaths as a result of their acts.  2nd place is interesting however.  Coming in easily at 2nd place for most amount of terrorist acts were the Moslems no. 1 supporters and backers -  the Left wing such as communists, antifa anarchists with 1,926 deaths as a result of their terrorist acts..                   
It’s kind of interesting, because Antifa Anarchists and communists in Greece, Australia and the West constantly demand that Nationalist groups get banned because ‘’they are violent criminals’’.  Yet statistics show that Far right groups killed just 77 world wide – In other words, 25 times less the amount of deaths than the 1,926 deaths as a result of terrorists acts committed by Antifa Anarchist and Communist groups.  

So maybe going by Leftist’s own logic, and in the name of not being hypocritical, Leftists should just ban themselves from all political activity and speech, for their own constant violence, since they often demand Nationalist groups like Golden Dawn get banned, as they accuse Golden Dawn of being violent criminals.

We should not be surprised however, as Antifa Anarchists and the left constantly think their crap doesn’t stink, and think their terrorist acts are justifiable.  A good example is the fairly regular anarchist riots in Greece, where the anarchists vandalize and even loot innocent people’s shops, and have even killed innocent people, such as the 3 innocent people, that got murdered in a petrol bombing attack committed by anarchists protesters.

But never mind.  Anyone that sees the social media accounts of Antifa Anarchists, will know that they often will endorse fellow leftist acts of violence.  

However in life, there comes a time when you have to answer for your actions, and that’s exactly what will happen to these leftist criminal group leaders and traitors when Golden Dawn takes government in Greece, after the Greek people have enough of the current governmental traitors, and understand that only Golden Dawn is the solution.  

Oh and sorry, fleeing Greece won’t save you leftist leaders reading this.  To take an example out of your own leftist history book, I’ll ask you leftist’s reading this a question – Was Jew Trotsky, ever safe when he fled the Soviet Union from Stalin?  No lol.   And neither will you traitors and terrorists be, even if you leave Greece in Exile, to try escape being brought to justice by Golden Dawn.   


  1. What a bunch of clowns these Antifa turds are.What don't they get a job like everyone else around the world.Why don't they contribute to the Greek economy and society in a positive way instead of burning and destroying anything they see in the towns and cities of Greece.These Tsamba Manges expect to have all the worlds luxuries for free.And when they don't get it they cause all sorts of trouble.To all those lazy,useless and hopeless pieces of leftwing lowlife garbage in Greece,go overseas and see how many hours we work for a decent standard of living.No one here or anywhere else gave us anything for nothing.If you want to live honourably and gain the respect of your community and have a sense of purpose in your life.GET A JOB!


  3. Technically this is incorrect. The most terrorist acts are caused the US Government followed by Fundamentalists and leftists.