Saturday, 20 June 2015

Golden Dawn against the Islamisation of our Thrace

On Saturday, June the 20th 2015, members from Golden Dawn Komotini publicly demonstrated to denounce the Islamisation of our Thrace.

Komotini is a small town in Thrace, with just under 70,000 people. After the Greek-Turkish population exchange in the 1920s, Muslims in this region were exempt and allowed to stay, provided they remained loyal to the Greek state and abandoned all actions to break away. Today, those same Muslims now number over 140,000 in Thrace, and under Turkish agitation, are organising to rebuild ties with Ankara, in the interests of rebuilding Turkey’s Neo-Ottoman empire in the Balkans.

Golden Dawn is the only political party that has recognised this national disaster, which has fallen upon deaf fears among the Plutocrats of Athens.  Some parties, such as at the Marxists of Syriza, have helped speed up the process by promoting ‘multicultural’ agendas which are being used by the Muslims to act as a forum to project their nationalism.
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