Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Abortion in Greece - Legitimised by our treacherous regime

The facts speak for themselves; 22% of Greek women who fall pregnant are now believed to undergo an abortion, while conservative statistics suggest that 1 in 10 of these women are young teenagers. Other data from the Institute of Mental & Sexual Health finds that 40,000 abortions take place annually by teens under the age of 18, many of them without informing their families. The figures highlight the catastrophic problem in Greece with regards to our declining population and falling birth rates, as well as the breakdown of the traditional family unit.

According to modern ‘progressives’, every female has the right to freedom and self-determination, which now means every Greek woman has the right to terminate her unborn child whenever she sees fit. No consideration is placed on the value of human life, or the future of our ageing community which continues to come closer to extinction with our declining population every year.

The argument peddled by feminists that an unborn child can be aborted because it has no conscious falls apart in the face of evidence. Studies have shown that the foetus’s pulse doubles  in the presence of medical forceps, and actively begins to resists the unnatural attack on its developing body. The unborn child not only feels death as it happens, but also knows it’s about to die.

Even if we selfishly disregard the value of an unborn human life, depending on the stage which a woman perform an abortion, up to 8% of abortions result in complications that require medical attention. 44% of these women with complications display nerve disorders, while 25% require psychiatric assistance.

Thanks to the Americanisation and indoctrination of cultural Marxism into Greece, the high rate of unwanted teenage pregnancies testifies to the breakdown of strong family ties that characterised Greek society for all of our history. Now we have untold numbers of adolescents who are deprived of meaningful education & important moral values in our school system, while the channels of communication between parents and children have nearly all but disappeared. The dissolution of the Greek family unit, along with our declining population, high abortion rates, and coupled with the massive influx of illegal immigrants who are soon to be granted of citizenship, undermines the future of the Greek people and the Greek nation.

Unlike the treacherous mainstream parties that continue to replace our culture with shameless materialism, Golden Dawn is the only political party that prioritises the traditional values that made up the backbone of our civilisation – the Greek family unit. Only by returning to our traditional values can we begin to reclaim future as a people, and work towards a stronger Greece. 

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  1. Absolutely brilliant. Golden Dawn is the only party who will stop this SLAUGHTER perpetrated against unborn Greek children. I would impose a retroactive death penalty against abortion doctors for what they have done, crimes against Greece.


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