Wednesday, 13 June 2018

It's official - Traitor Alexis Tsipras has agreed to give Skopia the Macedonia name!

Early this morning Australian time, Greek PM agreed to give the Macedonia name to Skopia.
Alexis Tsipras and his SYRIZA party, agreed to give Skopia the name, ''Northern Macedonia'' to which Skopjian PM, Zaev agreed to.  In other words, the logic of this name, implies these Slavs are Macedonians from Northern Macedonia!  

Slavs didn't come into the region until the 6th and 7th century AD.  Just because these Skopjians live on some land, that was once geographically part of the ancient Macedonian Kingdom, doesn't make them Macedonian, just like Turks living in Constantinople or Asia Minor are not Greek Byzantines, or just like Europeans living in Australia in parts that Aboriginals originally lived in, are not Aboriginal.  

However the approval of the name, ''Northern Macedonia'', has to go through both Greek and Skopjian parliament.  Rest assured, Golden Dawn will absolutely appose this name in parliament.  Golden accepts no name for Skopia that contains the word ''Macedonia'', which is ONLY greek. 

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  1. Tsipras and his crypto communist traitors have no right to agree to anything with these Slav Gypsies.He should ask the Greek people themselves if there was going to be any agreement with these thieves.Maybe he should stick to attending with events like the Athens Gay Parade with which he promoted instead!Why was Greece negotiating with these delusional arseholes in the first place?There was nothing to negotiate.Greece is the oldest civilized civilization in the region.It's Greece who needs to make the demands.And Greece's so called partners,the European Union and the United States should go to hell and stop pressuring Greece into having an agreement with these liars.They should remember and appreciate the fact that Greece gave the western world civilized civilization.Not Slav Gypsies who didn't exist in the region in ancient times.


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