Sunday, 20 May 2018

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: You are born Greek, you do not become one! VIDEO

The Secretary General of Golden Dawn assaulted the coalition SYRIZA-ANEL regarding the draft law for the asylum applications to the illegal immigrants, which is a community directive that turns Greece into a country of residence of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. 

At first, he referred to the adoption of the European legislations that harm our Homeland, noting that Golden Dawn fights for the removal of the E.U. flag from Greece.

He stated that the duplication of the number of illegal immigrants is a work of the government SYRIZA, so this is why when the prime minister Tsipras visits Lesvos, he surrounded by riot police on his visit to Lesvos.

He noted that the migration flows are doubled in the gate of Evros, since 1248 illegal immigrants arrived in Thessalonica, through the wrecked fence of Evros. 

Afterwards, he revealed the insidious actions of NGOs, but also International Amnesty and Avramopoulos, who acted for the acquittal of five NGO members who were traffickers of illegal immigrants. 

SYRIZA prepares hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to become the new citizens of Greece, while they are also accountable for the “hot spots” who are basically social jungles. 
N.G. Michaloliakos stressed that the only solution for the end of the illegal immigration, is the implementation of the draft law that Golden Dawn presented at March of 2016. 

In the end, he stated that “you do not become, you are born Greek” and concerning the developments at the Skopje issue, he repeated the words: No compromises for our Macedonia! 

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